Chinese Foot Massage Pressure Points
why it feels so great and heals you aches and pains!

Chinese foot massage pressure points are used in traditional Chinese foot massage, often found in an Asian massage parlors on the streets of big cities like Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Considered a form of Chinese massage, the therapy often includes rubbing, kneading, and vigorous massage to certain pressure points on the foot to alleviate cahes, apins, and ailments of everyday life. The therapy may be slightly painful at times, especially if you have never had deep tissue massage, but the verall benefits of the therapy greatly outway any slightly painful areas that may be massaged.

Many Chinese cultures use foot massage as a way to relax, however many consider it a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle, and use te therapy techniques on a daily basis.

Because it is considered a worthwhile health strategy in China, just as movie theaters are for people in the U.S., an Asian massage parlor offering chinese foot massage, can be found on just about every corner in larger cities in China.

The therapist will start by putting you in a chair or on stool for a few minutes with your feet soaking in water. The tub may include jets for added relaxation. Teas or herbal combinations may be added to the water as you soak.

As you soak your feet, the therapist will massage the head, neck, and shoulders, as well, often adding deep pressure  to these areas, as well as on the feet, for about 5-10 minutes.

In a traditional Asian massage parlor, you will also be offered hot tea to drink either before, after or during the session. Dried or fresh fruit may also be offered to eat.

Chinese Foot Massage Pressure Points in Reflexology

Chinese Foot massage points are often associated with foot reflexology maps or charts that coordinate treatment plans to affected pain areas of the body, and concentrating the massage or reflexology session to the associated area on the foot.  

Reflexology is based on the principle that the organs, glands, and certain other parts of the body are affected by  reflex areas on the feet, hands, and ears. As pressure is applied to these points, pain, stress, aches, tension, and anxiety are reduced, increasing blood circulation, encouraging relaxation, and promoting healing.

Chinese Foot Massage Pressure Points and Reflexology map

In traditional Chinese massage parlors, after your foot soak, and maybe your hot tea, you may then be taken to a room and placed in a comfortable chair or on a massage table for the treatment.

The therapist will start by wrapping one foot in a warm towel while starting work on the other. He/she will use a lotion or cream to massage easily, adding deeper work to those Chinese foot massage pressure points.

The ankle and lower leg will also be massaged. Movements on leg and feet may include long flowing strokes, fingertip pressure, massage with knuckles, or hand cupping, but often start and end with the foot massage and pressure point therapy techniques, making sure to concentrate on the coordinating areas of the foot that are most troublesome with pain, aches, or disorders of affected body parts.

Although at times, the therapy techniques may be deep pressure, most of the session should be very relaxing and soothing massage movements.

Chinese Style Foot Massage for Common Illnesses teaches many of these techniques, with details of their benefits and massage pictures of the therapy.

Foot massage and reflexology sessions are offered in either 15, 30 minute or 1 hour time frames. The cost is usually $5-$15 dollars in China. In the U.S., the cost will range from $30-$80, depending on where you choose to have the foot massage treatment, the type of treatment, and if it is an add-on service to a regular massage therapy session.

Adding on any type of foot massage treatment (Reflexology, foot spa treatment, hot stone foot massage, or foot soak) is a great way to experience the benefits of spa therapies for the feet without spending the entire spa budget, and session time, on the feet. 

Those benefits of foot massage include increased blood circulation in legs and feet, elimination of waste in the affected muscles, easing aches and pains in the entire body, relaxation, exfoliation of dead skin cells, rejuevenation of feet, and release of anxiety, stress and tension. 

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Ancient Chinese medical journals include detailed descriptions of foot massage treatments that were performed thousands of years ago for many common illnesses and conditions. Today, massage work on Chinese foot massage pressure points are still considered a part of Chinese medicine and practiced in hospitals and medical centers daily, helping to provide safe, natural alternatives to modern medical techniques, pharmaceudicals, and procedures.

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