Oriental Massage -
techniques, benefits and therapeutic effects!

Oriental massage therapy originates from several Asian bodywork traditions and incorporates Chinese massage, Japanese Massage and Thai Massage techniques. These therapies were traditionally used to treat various illnesses in families, communities and villages and were passed down for the generations.

Oriental bodywork includes many types of massage techniques: Tuina (push and pull), Amno (rub and press), Dian Xue (acupressure points), Thai and  Wai Qi Liao Fa (energy work). Most often, several of these are combined to create a highly detailed therapy session.

Viewed as traditional medical therapy, bodywork in Asia is based on the concept that each of us has a balanced flow of energy (Qi) throughout our body. When the flow is interrupted by trauma or injury, it must be re-established.

Types of Oriental Massage

Tui Na addresses the functions of the body as related to the flow of healing energy (Qi). After energy balance is restored, the body is able regain it's natural self-healing abilities.

Dian Xue, or acupressure, addresses restoring "Qi" by working pressure points and meridians.

Wai Qi Liao Fa is based on the concept that the energy of the practitioner supports the energy of the client and re-establishes balanced energy flow.

Amno, (similar to acupressure) is the most common form of bodywork, and focuses on increasing circulation by adding pressure. This in turn increases flexibility, reduces soreness and stiffness, and promotes deep relaxation.

Thai Massage is also based on the concept of re-establishing the energy flow (Qi) within the body. It involves yoga style stretching and energizing, rigorous movements (similar to shiatsu). It is also being practiced in American spas today.

Oriental bodywork dates back thousands of years. Massage techniques and strategies have been handed down from generation to generation in Asian cultures, while advanced studies of bodywork are taught in the medical massage therapy schools.

This DVD, Oriental Techniques of Massage teaches many of these types of massage, addressing basic movements to a few of the more detailed movements.

Many practitioners who study Oriental types of massage choose to further their education with a Masters degree in oriental medicine, which enables them to be independent healthcare providers.

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Graduates of the Master of Science of Traditional Oriental Medicine will be able to evaluate patients with commonly heard complaints and treat them with Oriental massage and medicine.

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