Best Massage Tables

The best massage tables might cost only a few hundred dollars, or several hundred, but choosing the most reliable requires reading reviews, and discovering what other therapists recommend. 

Although purchasing less expensive massage tables can be a great way to furnish a new massage therapy business, it is not always better.

Cheaper is not always the best way to go for a professional piece of equipment that you will use everyday. You want a safe table for your clients, and for you!

Things to consider when choosing a Massage Table

There are so many different brands of massage tables and it is impossible to know what you will need in a table when you are a new therapist.  But, if you are a student or new therapist, it is best to purchase a portable table, because you do not know what your first massage job will be.

A few things to consider when choosing a table: 

1. Modality of massage

  • Portable Massage Tables are purchased according to the type of massage therapy business and/or type of treatments you will provide.
  • Stationary Massage Tables are best for those working in a spa setting or home based business.
  • Electric massage tables are wonderful for their easy-to-adjust height, enabling the therapist to work at a level that is always comfortable, as well as making it easy for the client to get on and off the table. This is especially helpful for an elderly clientele.

2. Brand

New, discount massage tables are sometimes a better choice than buying a cheap table. You may be interested in reading about the five major manufacturers of tables.

3. Where You Will Work

If you want to practice in a home office or salon setting (and you will never go out to do table massage), a stationary table is always nice. They tend to also be more plush and sturdy, giving the client a very safe, comfortable and secure feeling.

Spas usually have either a stationary massage table or an electric massage table in their treatment rooms. Both tables provides stability and easy access for getting on and off. This is very important in any massage setting, but critical in a plush spa - where nothing should be difficult...especially getting on or off a table.

Best Massage Tables - Our Reviews

1. Earthlite - Avalon

What we like:

  • Highly rated by consumers
  • Tilt feature - great for clients who need head elevation
  • Arm rest
  • Includes carrying case and flexible face cradle
  • 2 3/4 inch cushioning in padding
  • Great price for quality table

2. Master Massage - Santana

What we like:

  • Highly rated by consumers
  • Thermal Top - no table warmer needed
  • Sturdy Arm Rest
  • 31" Length for tall clients
  • 3" memory foam topping
  • Includes a few accessories like a carrying case and adjustable face rest
  • Good price for what is included

Massage Tables Accessories

Others things that are very important:

4. Wooden Vs. Aluminum

Although the wooden frames are more popular, the lighter aluminum frames can also be reasonably priced. Aluminum frame tables are a good choice if you plan to have an out-call only business, as they are usually 2-3 pounds lighter than wood frames.

Read more about the advantages of aluminum massage tables verses wooden at: GotYourBack

Cheap massage tables can be refurbished or rebuilt tables, so read the description carefully. Reputable companies have great, inexpensive tables, like Master Massage (read more about this company on their page link below), so you don't have to compromise and take risks with your client's safety.

Squeakiness and instability are two major issues with buying discount massage tables...and that is not relaxing, for you or your client. So, buy the best table that you can when first starting your practice. 

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