Massage Table Warmer Reviews

A massage table warmer is a very important product that massage therapists must purchase when choosing products for their business, because it ensures the client stays warm and cozy during the massage session.

It is critical that the warmer has several settings to choose from because every person's body temperature on the table is different. Some are very cold-natured, and others are hot-natured. 

A few things to look for in a massage table warmer:

  1. Thickness - most often, the thicker, the better
  2. Fleece - fleece is always nice and adds thickness, comfort, and added warmth
  3. Multiple settings - having several heat level settings is critical
  4. Digitally controlled temperature - this is even better than having multiple settings as it ensures the perfect, exact temperature for the client
  5. Automatic Overheat Protection - this allows extra safety for you, your client and your business
  6. Size - make sure the warmer is a good size for your table, and it is not too small and not too large that is either hangs over the sides or is not large enough for the table
  7. Secured corner - elastic corners on a table warmer is great because they often ensure a snug and secure fit
  8. Power Cord - make sure the power cord is long enough to go from massage table to outlet
  9. Highly Rated - make sure the table warmer has a good rating by therapists who have already purchased and used the product
  10. Warranty and Reputable Brand - make sure the manufacturer of the warmer is reputable, offers at least a one year warranty, and will work with you if there is an issue after you purchase or a few months down the line

The Therapist's Choice Deluxe Fleece Table Warmer is one of the highest rated table warmers out there, and is know for being easy to use and distributing heat evenly. It also has a rapid cooling feature, which is a plus if your client has hot flashes and you need to get it cooled down quickly.

It also offers digital temperature setting with quality elastic corner straps for a secure fit to prevent slipping, and more importantly has an automatic cut-off for safety.

This warmer has 5 adjustable heat settings and 4 different timer setting options.

It has a 12 foot detachable power cord to easily reach a far away outlet, is extremely comfortable, and has a one year warranty.

Read more about the effects of heat during a massage on heart rate, cortisol levels, norepinephrine levels and nervous system. 

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