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A full body massage video clip will teach you how to prepare your room for full body massage, supplies you will need for the massage, and then actually how to do a massage and provide stress relief and release of tight muscles.

Start by preparing the room for the massage session.

Make sure you have just enough light to find you way around the room. The darker the space, the less light, the more relaxed the recipient will become, and the more stresses will be released.

Make sure the table is padded well (egg crate padding or foam padding), with a nice table warmer, if possible. Be sure to check with the client before starting the massage to ensure the temperature is good and they are comfortable.

Always use clean, fresh sheets. Make sure the sheets are without stains, odors, and holes. A thin blanket will usually ensure the client is totally comfortable on the table.

Explain to the client how they should undress, where to put their clothes, and that you will start the massage session face up, with them underneath the sheet and blanket.

Using warm oil, lotion or cream, start by massaging the shoulders. Then move up to the sides of the neck. Add just a bit of deeper pressure to the base of the skull.

Then, move on to the face. Massage with you fingertips, making circles around the eyes and longer strokes o the cheeks and chin areas. Find a repetitive stroke on the face that seems relaxing to the client, and repeat it several times. Facial massage can relax a client quickly.

Next, do a little scalp massage. Slowly move to the temples after the facial massage is over ( see full body massage video clip below ). Massage the temples with light circular motions. Massage the rest of the scalp with larger circular strokes and just a touch more pressure.

You should now move on to the arm massage. Using long flowing strokes, work the arm muscles, paying attention to the hands and fingers. Be sure to pull each finger. Return the arm to the side of the body or on the stomach.

After massaging both arms, carefully undrape the leg for leg massage. Start by applying lotion or oil to the entire leg, including the feet. Massage with long, flowing strokes, paying attention to feet and pulling each toe.

Massage both legs. Use long, flowing strokes to relax and create an unwinding atmosphere for the receiver.

Next, you should lift the face rest and carefully undrape one side of the client (while also ensuring they are fully covered) and instruct them to turn onto the stomach.

Massage each leg (backside) with long, flowing strokes, with a little extra time on the feet. Most people love having their feet massaged.

Begin your back massage by applying oil or lotion to the entire back. Massage the whole of the back for a few minutes, paying extra attention to muscles of the neck, shoulders, and use extra time for lower back massage.

If the back is extremely tight, you may want to add hot stones to loosen and warm the muscles before trying to do any type of deep tissue work.

Spend a little time on each side of the back. This really helps to loosen muscles along the shoulder blade.

End the massage by giving light massage to the back of the head.

This is a great full body massage video clip:

This clip is from this DVD, Professional Full-Body Massage: A Step-By-Step Video Guide,  which teaches step-by-step how to provide this massage routine.

Watch the full body massage video clip and DVD several times, make yourself some notes if you feel you might forget, and help your clients release the stress and tension with an amazing massage therapy treatment.

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