Cupping Massage Breast Therapy
for Cancer Patients

Cupping massage breast therapy teaches how massage cupping can help breast cancer patients with scarring, lymphatic drainage, and swelling which often are a part of breast cancer surgery and treatment.

Oncology massage techniques can help ease the trauma, anxiety and pain associated with any type of cancer, but it also provide a respite or time to not think about the disease, treatment, or prognosis...if only for an hour or so.....

Breast cancer is a unique modality in massage therapy, but a thorough training in this field of study is being chosen by many massage practitioners.

Massage Cupping and Breast Cancer

By: Michelle Burns, BSN, BSAlt.Med., LMT, MTI

Breast cancer can be traumatic for women, physically, spiritually, and mentally. The person receiving treatment feels strange in their own skin

Their hair may be falling out, major body changes have occurred due to surgery and the breast area may have scar tissue that is painful and unattractive. 

The area may be swollen, as well as have nerve damage, unexplained pressure and loss of sensation. In addition, the area can be tender for a long period of time, especially if radiation was part of the treatment.

Cupping for massage breast therapy can be used to decrease scarring, support healing, increase lymphatic flow and stimulate the immune system (especially important after the trauma of treatment). It can also relax the mind, reduce stress and just make the person feel good.

The negative part of breast massage is that pressure during a session can be very uncomfortable, and even detrimental, when the area is tender, swollen and damaged. 

Massage Cupping is wonderful for breast cancer survivors, because it relies on suction, not pressure, to accomplish the same (and often better) results.

When done by a certified provider, massage cupping provides lifting of the tissue, decreasing pressure and pain receptors. This allows the tissue to soften and release pressure and adhesions with minimal discomfort.

The lift also encourages lymphatic flow, decreasing pain and swelling, and creating stimulation of affected tissue, with a sense of calm wellbeing.

This is one of the massage videos that demonstrates this therapy:

When used in conjunction with gentle manual lymph drainage techniques, massage cupping can increase the drainage of an area, significantly decreasing swelling and lymphedema. It is important for therapists using this technique to have a strong background in lymphedema therapies and an understanding of the mechanics of massage cupping.

Massage breast cupping is easy to master and the effects on clients can be profound. If done incorrectly, results can be very disappointing and sometimes very detrimental.

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Rev. Michelle Burns, BSN, BSAlt.Med., LMT, MTI is the founder of Advanced Holistic Healing Arts. Michelle is a Health and Wellness guide, healer, teacher, Michelle helps guide each client on their own path to health. She is the author of the E-book and E-Workbook "10 Simple and Low Cost Things You Can Do to Feel Better Immediately."

This book, Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy includes a DVD with 12 massage video clips of common therapy techniques. It also teaches about the traditional and modern forms of Chinese cupping, with pictures that illustrate different types of cupping therapy to help you learn at home how to safely provide treatment.

Whether you are interested in helping lactating mothers with breast pain, breast cancers surgery patients, or patients who have had augmentation surgery, massage breast cupping is a much needed and very helpful massage therapy service to provide.

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