Manual Lymph Drainage   ....
and massage for edema pain!

Manual Lymph Drainage, or lymphatic massage, is performed for patients who experience edema in legs, arms, abdomen and other areas of the body due to improper lymph flow.

Lymph originates as plasma, which is the fluid portion of blood. After the blood is pumped out of the heart, it begins to slow down as it moves through the capillary bed.

Some of the plasma leaves the arterioles and flows into the tissues, where  it becomes interstitial fluid. About 90% of this fluid continues to move through the circulatory system, but the other 10% becomes the lymph.

The lymphatic system consists of nodes (where lymph is filtered), vessels (which carry lymph into and out of the nodes) and organs. Acting as our own personal filtration system, it is responsible for moving the lymph (waste, microorganisms, and other foreign matter) to the organs that eventually move it out of our bodies.

Lymphatic disruption or obstruction is when lymph nodes are blocked. They are responsible for draining the fluid from the tissues and allowing the immune system's cells to travel and distribute throughout the body.

Lymphatic obstruction is also called lymphedema, which means a swelling of the lymph pathways. This can occur for many reasons.

  • Surgery or Scar Tissue
  • Tumors
  • trauma or injury
  • Infection
  • Radiation Treatments

Benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage

The benefits of lymphatic massage include detoxification, increased fluid movement, increased cell regeneration, boosting the immune system and general healing and break-up of scar tissue.

It is a light, rhythmical massage which encourages elimination of waste, excess fluid, and bacteria. It is performed to improve the flow of lymph by stimulating the vessels.

The clear fluid of the lymphatic system has been compared to the oil in cars that requires a filter and is necessary to the function of every part it touches. Important enough, that without out it, function would not happen.

Costs of Lymphatic Massage

A one hour massage is usually $65-$85, depending on the location and experience level of the therapist.

Learning MLD

Read more about classes that teach therapists about MLD techniques at

This Lymphatic Drainage DVD teaches how to provide this therapy in a clinic, spa, or for your family at home.

This is a short clip of that DVD:

Also known as a great anti-aging treatment, Manual Lymph Drainage  is on the menu of many exclusive spas and is often used to speed recovery from many types of surgery.

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