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Marketing massage online through a personal website is a great way for a therapist to build a massage practice, but it is also a great way to build a professional reputation, on the web and in their community.

For therapists (or anyone else who wants a website), building it can be affordable, fun, and extremely easy.

Whether the therapist is "computer savvy" or not, and if hiring a fancy web designer (and paying out thousands of dollars) is not an option, this way is do-able.

What should a website tell you about a potential therapist?

  • what they look like, which makes you feel more comfortable walking in to their office
  • where they went to school and when
  • what types of massage they practice
  • where their office is located
  • what their office looks like - again, this makes you feel more comfortable walking in
  • their massage story - how they chose a career in massage therapy (most are eager to share this)
  • how to contact them
  • prices for their services

When you build your own website, you discover a creative side of yourself, a side you never knew existed.

You may find a massage therapist who has used pictures of their massage room, pictures of the massage products they use, or massage pictures of clients receiving bodywork services. You can choose what ever you want to put on your site. 

With simple tips, you can help others discover how massage will enrich their lives. A website is a way to help people to understand how massage can make their lives easier, by making them feel more relaxed and easing their pain.

Let me assure you, before this website, I had absolutely no computer experience. It literally scared me to turn the computer on. No joke!

SBI! is the company I used to build this site and I would highly recommend  it to anyone who needs a website. It is a simple, step-by-step way that anyone (if I can do this, I promise you anyone can) can use to create their website. It provides you the proven ability to build your website one step at a time, with no rush and no deadlines.

Watch the following video for an introduction to SBI!

DIY! and Marketing Massage Online....the right way!

I used Site Build It! to build my Massage Education Guide site. SBI! is a complete "Do It Yourself" website building and marketing system. SBI! is also offered to those who want to be taught about the specifics of marketing massage online, not just a few general guidelines.

How You Learn

They teach you through video presentations, that you can start and stop at your convenience, the process of finding keywords for your pages (keywords are what people actually type when they search the web), designing (from hundreds of choices) what you website will look like, how to write your pages, and how to promote the site to potential customers. And it is all a step-by-step, simple process.

The first step is the hardest. After your website is purchased, you watch the video on what to do, and what not to do, and you start writing and designing each page. Simple instruction is given, not lots of technical "mumbo-jumbo".

Before you know it, you have a website that you can really be proud of - and one that can really bring you business!

Marketing your massage practice online

Whether you want a website for your practice, a new spa, a massage school, or another adventure you've contemplated forever, SBI! is an easy way to build a site and learn how marketing massage online can bring you lots of customers.

They teach you about marketing on social media sites, sharing information on forums, and how to get others to place your link on their website and direct their customers to you.  

Read more about the benefits of building a SBI! website, why it's easier, less expensive and more effective than someone else building for you!

Build Your Site Your Way!

You might think that your only choice for building a website is to hire a web designer. Not true!  Solo Build It! is a simple way to build a great website that requires no technology training.

Marketing massage online or any other business online, is easier than you think!  

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