Simple Ads on Facebook for Business
Tips on Ads that work - how a simple ad can engage long-term clients 

Using Ads on Facebook for business lets you not only interact with those who are interested in what you do or sell, but if you build Ads, it also helps you find new clients that are already interested in finding you!

Lots of people use Facebook to search for high school friends or people they haven't seen in a while, but it is also being used by many businesses as a tool to grow the business and gain customers.

Research shows that over 145 million people in North America alone use Facebook, so the potential to affect your business is most definitely there. In all, Facebook has over 800 million users, with more than 50% of them logging in every day.

Benefits of Using Facebook

1.Using Facebook is to interact with people is free. Any free advertising is good!

2. With Facebook Ads, you have the ability to choose the area your ad will be shown, the gender of folks who see your ad, the age of those who see your ad, the time of day the ad will be shown, and many other aspects of an ad. This information is very valuable to marketing your business.

3. Ability to see a users timeline. The timeline, not the user's page is what spreads the word about your business. Why? Because that's what his/her friends see activity. If a friend likes or comments, it spreads like wildfire!

4. Allows you to experiment. Want to add a new product or service, take a poll, get opinions. This not only generates excitement, it spreads the word that you offer a new product or!.

5. Linking. Facebook gives you the tools to link to other channels like your website, your blog, your newsletters, as well as other social media networking platforms.

6. Provides a SEO boost. Search engines love to see useful links to websites and blogs and it has the potential to boost your website ranking when people click the links.

7. Wall posts create friendships. Watch what you post on your wall, as this is the place that most folks go when they want updates on you and your business. Publish regularly, and publish with your customer in mind. Be real and be informative.

8. Searches start the process. By searching what other people or companies are talking about in your niche, you get a better idea and understanding of what customers are looking for. You can search by people, places, groups, apps, or many other avenues when using Facebook for business.

9. Allows a page for your company. Facebook is great for local businesses, places, companies, organizations, institutions, brands, products, causes or public figures.

10. You can create a group. Groups are set up by users and provide an opportunity to communicate with only folks invited to join that group. It's a great way to get advice and market directly!

11. You can create an event. If your business is holding a special sale or an open house, you can create an event that supports your company and it's goals. You can also share pictures and writings about the event to promote interest.

12. You can create apps. Applications can be created to engage users and promote your website.

13. Check-in deals. If you have a physical location, check-in deals allow you to reward customers who show up at your location and use the "check-in" on their mobile phone.

No matter what you say on Facebook, no matter how you create an ad, no matter how you use Facebook for business, remember to be real. Don't try to sell, just create pleasant conversations and discussions.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Facebook teaches how to be real on Facebook, how to use it to promote your business, and how to engage potential customers. It explains how to easily use all the many features Facebook offers in a user-friendly way.

You can read more tips on how to use social media for your business at Oakworks.

By now, most people understand how and why social media can affect business profit. It's easy and it is something anyone can start, no matter how technical or non-technical you are.

Social Media not only helps us to keep in touch with our family and friends through daily interactions, but Facebook for business allows us to keep in contact with customers and potential customers by simply having a conversation.

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