Twitter Marketing
and what it can do for your business!

Twitter marketing has become an essential tool for many online businesses, whether you have a product to sell or a business to talk about, tweeting and social media networking is critical.

Whether you are marketing a massage therapy practice or promoting an online business, tweeting about your company and it's products gets the visitors to your website, and often gets a sale.

Twitter marketing can be one of the most useful tools for getting your name noticed, creating brand recognition, and getting folks familiar with what you sell and what your website is all about. This creates trust, and trust is always needed before any type of sale is made, no matter what your business sells.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing

1. Twitter is free - free networking is invaluable!

2. Twitter allows only 140 characters... so messages are short, to the point, and effective.

3. Tweets can be re-tweeted, which means that others can re-post what you have said, giving you and your business more visibility.

4. Followers can subscribe to your Twitter feeds, giving them information about your Tweets quickly!

5. You see valuable feedback and opinion from your followers, whether by what they say about your Tweets, or the fact that they re-tweet your tweets, you see what others think about what your are saying. This is especially important because you learn what respected leaders in your niche are thinking about you and your business.

6. Twitter is also an easy recruiting tool. If you need writers to promote products, a website designer, or an actual employee, send out a tweet and see if you get what you need...again it's free!

7. It gives a boost to the traffic going to your website, giving you the opportunity to make a sale.

8. Twitter marketing allows your voice to be heard on other social media sites, where folks share tweets instantly with followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon or Digg.

9. Twitter has over 100 million active users, half of which log in every day, posting 250 million tweets per day.

10. You can market on Twitter yourself, or you can pay other companies to do this for you at a fairly low cost.

11. Allows you to share product launches and events.

12. Allows you to share specials, discounts or deals.

13. Allows you to share promoted tweets, which means you pay to share with a targeted audience.

14. Tweeting gives you a good SEO boost. Search engines love it when they see traffic coming from social media sites like Twitter!

15. Allows you to market to potential prospects, either advertisers for your website, or actual potential customers.

People all over the world are using Twitter, for social media networking and personal social communications. Everyone from politicians to celebrities use it to listen to what their followers are saying, and to respond to their needs.

Whether you are marketing massage therapy, promoting a new product or service, or offering a great deal, it allows you to provide exactly what customers are looking for when they visit your website....just by listening.

Research indicates that followers are more apt to by from companies they trust, and trust is created by being honest "wordy" crap needed!

The main thing on Twitter, and in all other social media networking, is to be real. Provide good, useful content for those who visit your website. Go above and beyond to give all information possible, so that they want to make a purchase.

Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day teaches you how to be real, step-by-step how to market your products and services effectively, and how to reach your targeted audience. It also teaches social media marketing basics and the "do's" and "don'ts" for a large and small businesses.

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Realize that there are different strategies for marketing different products and services. Adjust your Twitter marketing when you know what your customers are looking for, and what they need from your business.

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