Deep Tissue with Massage Stones 
massaging with stones for a relaxing deep treatment

Deep tissue with massage stones is a growing and popular therapy because it is easier on the therapist and much more relaxing for the client. Many deep tissue types of massage therapy can use shaped stones to provide the same techniques as the hands of the therapist.

Massage stones are great tools for massage therapists. The hot or cold stones can penetrate very deeply, reducing inflammation, pain and swelling.

Stones are often shaped to ensure their ability to access hard-to-reach areas such as trigger points and muscles under the scapula.

Trigger point release, cross-fiber friction, and Myofascial release are just a few of the types of massage therapy that can be performed easier with the shaped massage stones, offering a much more relaxing experience to the client. 

Trigger point release is a much easier technique using shaped massage stones. By applying steady pressure with the edge of a small round stone for 8 - 10 seconds, directly on the trigger point, you can encourage a release of muscle restrictions that have been hurting for years.

Repeat this process 4-5 times, providing a few seconds in between for the flow of blood and release of oxygen through the muscle tissue.

With myofascial release techniques, it can often take a long time and lots of work to finally feel a release in restrictions. However, when offering deep tissue with massage stones, the heat encourages the release, so it takes much less time and the client can actually enjoy the massage session.

Cross-fiber friction is also helpful for releasing restrictions in muscle tissue. With massage stones, the therapist can use a shaped edged stone to move across fibers in the muscle to break up restrictions with less pain and discomfort.

Moving the edge of the stone in opposite directions is very effective on scar tissue, Fibromyalgia pain points, and large muscles with restrictions. The edge of the shaped stone should be on the knotted area (or on either side of the scar) and moved in different directions.

Tips for Deep Tissue with Massage Stones:

  1. Remember, the larger the area you are working, the larger stone you should use; the smaller the area you are working, the smaller stone you should use.
  2. Remember, the deeper you go with stones, the slower you should go with stones.
  3. Use a shaped stone to strip muscles also. Always start at the origin of the muscle and strip to the insertion part.
  4. Always use warm or cold stones. If the stone is warm, and cools during treatment, get another warmer stone until the release is felt. If a stone is used cold, and warms during treatment, replace it with another cold stone.

Deep Tissue Stones

  • Large Basalt Massage Stones - great for working large muscles of the back and thighs
  • Trigger Point Stones - great to release tight trigger points and reduce pressure on thumbs
  • Foot Stones- great for foot massage and treating plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome

You may be interested in learning more about the health Benefits of Cold Stone Massage , how it helps reduce inflammation and swelling in injured muscle tissue.

Cold stones are being incorporated into many spa and bodywork therapies as a way to decrease the pain of highly inflamed muscles, and to encourage constriction of blood vessels.

Marble stones are now being cut and designed to comfortably fit into certain creviced areas of the body, such as a moon-shaped bridge stone that fits comfortably around the neck, or large oval stones that fit well on the low back .

Basalt Massage Stones are often used in cold stone massage, in addition to marble stones, as basalt  is the #1 stone used in the massage therapy industry for stone massage treatments.

Whether you are providing deep tissue with massage stones, or with hands, it is important to learn how to give a massage correctly, so that it does not hurt the client, and cause more harm than good. Safety with deep tissue work is as important as safety with the massage stones.

This DVD set, Hot Stone Massage Education Package - 4 DVD's & 4 Digital User Manual's By Nature's Stones Inc , is perfect for learning all about providing deep tissue with stones, as well as regular hot stone massage, facial massage with stones, foot and hand massage with stones, and how to use the cold stones in a massage session.

Read more about deep tissue with massage stones at LiveStrong.

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