Best Massage Stone Heater

The massage stone heater for your home or business will depend on what type of stone massage you plan to offer and how the heater is rated by other customers who have purchased and used it for massage and bodywork treatments. 

Heaters are often offered in either a 6 quart or 18 quart size. 

Therapist's Choice, TIR, and Spa Pro are the most popular bransd of stone warmers, sold by many massage supply companies, and distributors of supplies.

However, other companies are now offering innovative designs in heaters that make hot stone massage therapy more relaxing than ever before, and more condusive to those who want spa hot stone massage at home.

This is a highly rated massage stone heater as it heats stones evenly and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the session, but it also makes stone massage easier and more convenient for anyone to perform.

This heater was designed especially for heating massage stones. It is perfect for stones used in facials, manicures, pedicures, or reflexology, but also heats enough stones for a full-body stone massage session.

It has a protective coating on the water reservoir with an easy-to-clean non-stick finish, and a high-quality, professional looking exterior.

The heat setting warms quickly in this unit (about 10 minutes), and it has an easily adjustable heat range that keeps the temperature where you want it, and 122 degrees is best for hot stones.

The Therapist's Choice stone heater outside dimensions weighs only 4.4 pounds and comes with 6 large and 6 small stones.

This heater is one of the best, and will last for many years, heating to the perfect temperature, while the outside remains cool.

It has a one year warranty, and is easy to operate and safe to use with massage after massage.

With whichever massage stone heater you choose, learn about how to give hot stone massage safely by either watching a hot stone massage DVD (watching several times to make sure you are comfortable with this therapy) or taking a continuing education class in stone massage.

Make sure you have the proper supplies to provide the treatment before offering it to your clients.

Learn how to use all types of massage stones, from facial stones to shaped massage stones to cold massage stones.

Find more info on hot stone massage classes at Nature's Stones.

After you start providing this service, you will quickly understand why hot stone massage therapy is one of the most popular types of massage offered around the world. So, the stone heater you use is important.

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