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Comfort in massage therapy chairs is a primary concern for therapists who do chair massage on a regular basis. Learning to adjust a chair to accommodate all body types and to ensure the best massage possible is extremely important.

Whether you are providing chair at a business, convention, salon, or private practice, or a combination of all, there are many concerns, but the main ones are comfort and support.

Other things play a role in choosing which chair to purchase, but the comfort of your clients should be the primary feature.

For many reasons, we have chosen the Oakworks Portal Pro chair as our #1 pick! Why?

1. Easy adjustments

If your client is very tall or very short, pregnant, or disabled in some way, your chair seat should be lowered or lifted easily to accommodate the client and ensure their comfort in the chair for the entire duration of the massage.

The therapy will not be beneficial to the client if he/she is uncomfortable, and if you ever have the opportunity to provide massage for the client again, they will most likely opt to not purchase a chair massage session.

This video clip shows how easy this chair is to set up:

Make sure you have taken the time to learn about how to make adjustments to your chair before offering your services anywhere.

When adjustments do have to be made to the seat height, it is usually best to ask the client to stand, and then lower the seat height. Usually one notch is sufficient, just enough to ensure the spine is in alignment with the front of chair.

This adjustment is very important when massaging pregnant clients or people that show an increase in low back forward curvature.

Neck adjustments can easily be made with the face rest also, especially important if you notice the client moving their head, trying to find a comfortable position or if you notice folded skin at the neck after the client's head is in position in the face rest.

2. Features that are important in massage therapy chairs

This chair has all the features we were looking for in a massage chair.

  • Sturdiness - supporting clients comfortably with a wide range of heights, weights, and body builds.
  • Lightweight - weighing only 19 pounds, it's aluminum frame makes it easy to move from car to office building
  • Compact - breaks down, quickly, easily and with little effort
  • Comfort - very stable and grounded, without lots of movement which can make the client feel insecure
  • Easy to Take Care of - Cleaning is a breeze!

3.Easy Access

Another important feature for us was easy access to the client, no restrictions to the body of the therapist. Specifically, we looked at the arm rest, if it was to large or prevented the therapist from moving around the client. Portal Pro access was perfect!

4. What's Included

Portal Pro comes with an instructional video (very important to us), and a carrying case (equally important)

5. Price

You can find massage therapy chairs for $100-$200, but they will not compare to the comfort and sturdiness of this chair.

In our reviews, the Portal Pro 3 Massage Chair By Oakworks is the best of the best! With it's QuickLock, one-handed adjustments, offset wheels for easy portability, and ergonomic design, this chair is a smart choice!

Comfort is the most important aspect in chair massage as it ensures the client gets the most benefit from their bodywork session. Take the time to research this chair, and you will find that is is superior to an other massage therapy chairs available!

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