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Massage Chair Reviews provides honest, straightforward reviews of massage therapy chairs by massage therapists who have "been there/done that". They can tell you from experience what to buy and what not to buy.

There are many things to consider when choosing a massage chair, but the most important is how often will you be using it. That should also determine the features of the chair you will purchase.

If you want a mobile chair massage business, you will want a good quality  chair that can withstand everyday use, as well as one that adjusts easily.

If you are just planning to use the chair for events that will build your table business, a less expensive chair is fine. You may even consider buying a used chair, if you are just marketing to build your primary private practice business.

Massage chair reviews can also help when buying a used or less expensive chair. 

Just be sure the chair is still in good working order, especially the headrest, before making the purchase. Check that all areas that require last minute adjustments are working properly.

We discovered as we gathered information for massage chair reviews that there are many good quality chairs,  made by a reputable massage table manufacturers. The hardest thing when buying is choosing what features you prefer.

Basically, we would recommend you make sure the face and seat rest are very easy to adjust. Arm rest, chest plate, and knee rest adjustments should also be easy, if the chair has those features.

Everyone is different as far as height, weight and body build. Last minute adjustments sometimes have to be made to accommodate the client, so become familiar with your chair before you start working with clients.

Where to purchase

If you are buying a new massage chair, purchase from an online supply source that has been in business for several years, so you are sure it can be returned if there is a problem or directly from the chair/table manufacturer.

Most of the companies that Massage Education Guide recommends are available for purchase through Amazon, and many times with free shipping, which saves at least $20-$30 or more.

Buy the best massage chair that you can afford if you plan to use the chair for any extended length of time. The first 2-3 years after massage school, you will want to be prepared to do chair massage events whenever the opportunity arises to build either your seated chair massage business or your private practice business.

The Stronglite Ergo Pro II has all the features we look for when reviewing a massage therapy product, including:

  • Sturdy - You do not want a chair that makes your client feel uneasy
  • Lightweight - weighing only 19 pounds
  • Highly-rated by consumers
  • Compact - easy to set up and take down and transport
  • Easy access for therapist - this chair makes it easy to move around the client
  • Comfort - High quality foam padding makes this chair easy to relax in
  • What's included - comes with carrying case and instructional video

This is one of the massage videos that demonstrate  this chair's easy set-up:


This chair is one of the highest rated and best selling chairs in the massage therapy industry. This package includes carrying case and instructional video for learning easy set-up and take-down directions.

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Massage chair reviews also provides recommendations by licensed massage therapists, folks who have actually purchased and used the massage therapy chair, of their favorite chair and why they would choose it over others.

Read those comments below.

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