Body Butter Benefits
13 Amazing Uses

Body butter benefits include it's ability to deeply moisturize skin, but it can also do wonders for many other health issues you never thought about, with just this one product.

Most body butters today contain ingredients and chemicals that are anything but natural, and do not offer the richer benefits of a natural body butter.

Real body butter will have soothing nut oil or plant oil, essential oils, and nourishing plant-based ingredients that naturally nourish the skin and provide a deep moisturization.

All-natural body butters are richer, thicker creams made from cocoa, mango or shea butters, with natural oils like jojoba, almond, grapeseed, macadamia, kukui nut, or coconut to create a hydrating cream like no other, leaving velvet-soft skin.

13 Awesome Body Butter Benefits

  1. Body Moisturizer - body butter is a superb moisturizer for the entire body, offering amazing hydration and soft, touchable skin
  2. Stretch Marks - natural, nutrient-rich body butter is perfect for pregnant women to use on belly, to help hydrate, but also prevent stretch marks after giving birth - used by millions of women for centuries for this very reason
  3. Hands and Feet - body butter helps soften dry skin on hands and feet - put it on at night before bed, and use sock on both hands and feet to lock in natural moisture overnight
  4. Hair Moisturizer - natural body butter can be used to help lock in hydration to dry, fatigued hair after shampoo. Simply use a small amount, let it melt in your hands, and apply to hair, then rinse. It adds a rich hydration for shiny, silky hair
  5. Nail and Cuticle Cream - perfect for dry, cracked nails and cuticles. Apply a small amount to hands and cuticles before bed, put socks over hands, and wake to richly, hydrated hands and nails
  6. Makeup Remover - use a small amount of body butter on a cotton round to remove makeup at the end of the day, and add natural moisture to face at the same time
  7. Shaving Cream - use as a natural shaving cream for men and women to have soft skin after shaving face or legs - locks in moisture and prevent drying from a close shave
  8. After sun moisturizer - natural body butter is perfect to use after being in the sun all day, as it hydrates the skin, and puts natural moisture back
  9. Dry Skin Patches - perfect for dry skin patches on elbows, knees, or any other areas of skin from dermatitis, psoriasis, or eczema
  10. Use as a massage cream - this is a great ultra-emollient product to use as a massage cream at home, as it has excellent glide, and retains workable glide throughout the massage
  11. May help reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles - because body butter boosts  collagen production and promotes new cell generation, it is used by many help with fine lines caused by stress and aging
  12. Dandruff Relief - helps relieve dry scalp and irritation by dandruff by adding moisture to decrease flakes and reduce recurrence
  13. Helps promote cell regeneration - with it's natural antioxidant properties, and especially with body scrub benefits of exfoliation beforehand, body butter can encourage new cell regeneration. eliminating dead skin cells and allowing beautiful new skin to appear and glow!

Amazing Body Butter Ingredients 

The ingredients in body butter make it one of the best natural products we can use on our skin.

Those include:

  1. Linoleic, oleic fatty acids, palmitic, and stearic ingredients - help balance oils on your skin
  2. Vitamins A, E, and F - all are antioxidant vitamins that promote healthy skin cell growth
  3. Triglycerides -  the fatty part of the nut that nourishes skin
  4. Cetyl esters - the waxy part of the nut butter that locks in moisture and conditions the skin - one of the best body butter benefits

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Body butter benefits are found more potent in raw, natural, unrefined body butter, because it will contain the more all-natural, healthy ingredients.

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