Advanced Stone Massage ...
for chronically tight muscles!

Advanced stone massage techniques take hot stone massage therapy to a whole new level of relaxation.

Yes, hot stones provide a warm, deep, relaxing massage. But, with advanced training in the use of massage stones, it can be amazing.

When stone massage techniques are incorporated using hot and cold stones, facial stones, or shaped massage stones, a therapist can achieve a substantial change in a client’s muscles and soft tissue.

Using the hot and cold stones together, sometimes called geothermal therapy, causes the blood vessels to dilate and constrict. This creates an increase in blood circulation.

Hot and cold massage stones can be incorporated with any manual technique, whether it is trigger point therapy, Myofascial Release, or any other type of massage therapy.

Stone massage can be a little more costly per hour than other therapies, but the depth of relaxation is also much greater. The ease with which a therapist can work also is felt by the client, enabling a deeper rest.

Hot stone massage is one of the most popular massages in the world. But, when your therapist knows advanced techniques, using cold stones, shaped stones, and facial stones, the treatment is amazing!

Types of stones used in Advanced Stone Massage:

  • Marble, Carved, and shaped massage stones are fairly new to the massage industry. Their contribution is making stone massage even more effective and enjoyable for therapists and clients alike.
  • Cold Stones - cold stones are great for inflammation and swelling. They can provide instant relief. Read more about the benefits of cold stone massage for pain and inflammation.
  • Deep Tissue stones - these stones are great for getting deeper into muscle tissue without strain on your hands. Great for muscles that are always tight.

You may be interested to learn more about deep tissue with massage stones and how shaped stones are used to reach deeper muscles during massage.

  • Facial stones - these stones are great for relaxing facial muscles from too much time on a computer, lots of driving, headaches, or just plain stress! Learning how to use face massage stones not only is easier on you, the person providing the therapy, but it also gives a very relaxing experience for the person receiving.

Provide true relaxation for someone....learn stone massage!

This DVD set, Hot Stone Massage Education Package teaches basic hot stone massage therapy, and stone massage techniques using facial stones, hand and foot massage with stones, and reflexology stones.

It also teaches how to safely perform this at home, giving you the ability to provide hot stone massage therapy to family or friends.

Problem pain areas such as the back, or the neck and shoulders, release with much less effort using massage stones and advanced stone massage techniques.

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