My Massage Career

by Renee

When my baby girl started kindergarten, I knew it was time for me to find a new financial avenue to help take care of our family.
So, I started sell a brand of cosmetics as a home-based business. It was not what I thought it would be, but I stuck with it for a few years.
In 2001, I was introduces to a woman who was a massage therapist part-time, and a social worker in her full-time job.
As I got to know her, I realized she was very peaceful and content with her life and it impressed me to approach her in hopes of inquiring how she developed this attitude.
She said it mainly came from her time in massage school. She had learned so much about how calmness is a "choice" that we all make.
After a few days in massage school, I learned about what she meant.
Caring for people and helping to ease pain or stress, becomes something that you yearn for-not something you see as a job. It does help however, that you get paid.
But, it becomes a part of who you are.
I am a mother to my children, a wife to my husband, but I am also a massage therapist-and I help people feel better. It's just who I am-who I have thankfully become!

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