Massage Stories ....
and sharing the true beauty of massage therapy!

Reading massage stories might help you choose massage to ease your pain or stress, release tension and worry, or speed healing from an injury or chronic pain condition.

We all try to heal in different ways, don't we?

Some of us turn to food, some to alcohol, some to exercise, some to our faith.

While we all realize that healing needs to happen, we choose different paths for healing.

For some people, certain types of massage therapy bring them their healing, even if the healing is not physical.

When client's share stories of how massage therapy made a difference in their pain, we, as therapists, are reminded of why we chose a massage career path.

For those of us who love helping others, it's a great way to make a living at the same time.

Although there are many healing types of therapies in massage, hot stone massage is especially healing for many people.

Probably because stones come from deep within the earth, giving us a natural sense of "grounding", warmth, and peace.

Choosing to make your first massage appointment is the hardest one to make. After that, you understand the benefits of massage therapy, for physical and mental health, for healing of trauma and injuries, and making your appointments become easy.

As I write this page, I am remembering a client who laid on my table and cried throughout her entire massage. I never knew why and still do not know to this day.

I had assured her I was there if she wanted to talk, but I did not ask questions, as I sensed it was deeply personal.

She did not speak during the massage. She only cried.

When she left my office, she simply said "Thank You".

I gathered she wanted to release emotions in a place she felt safe and comfortable.

I am grateful that place was my massage room.

As you share your story in the Facebook comments section at the bottom of this page, don't feel like it has to be about something can be very "unprofound"!

If you are a massage therapist, you can share your massage career story with others who may be thinking of entering the massage profession or thinking of visiting a massage practitioner for the first time.

Or, tell us about how massage helped someone in a miraculous way!

Writing about our experiences helps us to learn more about ourselves, about the healing power of massage, and about how it can help someone make a life-changing career choice.

You can tell us about how you were introduced to massage therapy, what your first massage was like, what types of massage therapy have helped you heal, benefits of massage therapy for you and your health, or any advice you may have for those who are new to massage.

Please feel free to share your story from your heart!

Your massage stories may help someone decide to choose massage when they are in pain! 

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