Music Health Benefits
5 ways it helps us heal!

Music health benefits include relaxation of body, mind and spirit, as well as it's ability to help us escape everyday, temporarily forgetting problems or issues that are stressful in  life. 

Throughout history, music has been shown to help treat mental and emotional conditions, making it one of the most effective treatments, and one of the most cost effective alternative (like acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy, or chiropractic, etc.) treatments. 

Research shows that listening to or playing music is a growing treatment in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, hospice facilities, and clinics, helping reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

5 Music Health Benefits for Healing

  1. Physical benefits - allowing our muscles to relax, calming a fast heart rate, reducing cortisol levels,  lowering blood pressure, easing head and body aches and pains, encouraging deep breathing and relaxation of muscles
  2. Mental health benefits - lowering anxiety levels, reducing depression, increasing positive thought processes, self-worth, and encouraging empathy.
  3. Improves social connections - allowing a feeling of unity in times of war, national or world-wide emergency, or local panic or emergent issues, and, and encouraging us to reconnect with our identity and interests.
  4. Encourages spiritual health - helping us to grow in our spiritual journey, which improves our mental, physical and social outlooks on life and the future
  5. Improves emotional health - helping us feel better about ourselves, improving self-esteem and self-worth, helping us have an increase in self confidence, if only temporarily 

There are many therapists that are also certified music clinicians, that have been trained in using music to therapeutically treat patients in hospitals, children's hospitals, mental health facilities, nursing homes, and  clinics all over the world.

The healing properties of music actually affects us on a molecular level, because music stimulates just about every area of the brain, offering great benefits, like:

1. Allowing natural body rhythms to work together (like breathes and heartbeat), helping us to emotionally calm down, helping feelings of stress to lower or disappear.

2. Encouraging less cortisol production, which is associated with anxiety.

3. Helping us produce more dopamine - the "feel good" neurochemical that helps us feel happy and calm.

Read more about how music affects your mood at Healthline.

With so many music health benefits, discovering artists that provide comfort, peace, and calmness through their music, could help heal issues that have become ingrained in us, a part of everyday life.

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