Choosing a Massage Oil Warmer ...
which is best for you!

A massage oil warmer is essential for any massage therapist who wants to provide an instant warm touch to their clients. Warm oil massage makes the session soothing and relaxing, which is the overall goal of massage therapy.

If you are just learning how to give a massage, you may not realize the importance of warm lotion or oil, and how it can make a huge difference in the client's ability to relax and unwind...the whole purpose of their visit to see you!

They are even happier after lying on your massage table, when they feel the warmth of your table, and then the warmth of your favorite oil, gel, or lotion touch their skin.

It will create an immediate relaxation of the nervous system, and he/she will begin the healing process as you begin the session.

Many oil warmers give one or two heat settings, but some have a fully adjustable temperature range so you are in complete control of how warm your oil will be.

For most warmers, adjustment is easy to make and can be done quickly during the course of the massage session. 

Warmth makes a huge difference in the outcome of the massage session, because clients are often instantly relaxed with the first touch of the session!

You may choose to use hot oil for scalp massage treatments, luxurious foot or hand massage treatments, facial massage therapies, or during the course of a regular full-body massage.

The Royal Massage Oil/Lotion Bottle Warmer w/Auto-Temperature adjust to a temperature of your choice. The color goes well with any room decor. and it's durable and easy to clean.

It will warm any standard bottle to a perfect 140 degrees and it has an auto-shutoff to regulate temperature. The oil stays warm for clients and will never be too hot. It has a 5 year manufacturer warranty and includes a high quality HDPE massage oil bottle.

The design is portable and perfect for all massage therapists.

Cheaper plastic bottles may melt or warp in some warmers. Look for the HDPE symbol inside a triangle on the bottom of the plastic bottle to ensure it is safe.

If you are just learning how to give a massage, this is a great massage oil warmer to purchase to ensure all oils or lotions are warm and comfortable from one client to the next.

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