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Massage Education Blog is a connection point for students, therapists, educators and supply sources for massage therapy.

It contains articles, stories and information about types of massage therapy, massage therapy schools, continuing education providers, massage supplies, tools, tips, music, and videos.

Things like:

Get the best, honest advice from massage therapists who have been in practice for many years. They give honest comments on education, supplies, massage tables and continuing education courses.

You can also learn about natural alternatives for medical conditions and pain syndromes, benefits of using specific essential oils, cremes and massage oils.

Learn how to market your services to your community and potential clients, how to make business connections and grow a clientele through other business owners.

Read articles by continuing education providers about their views of the benefits of regular massage therapy, as well as posts from continuing education providers on their classes and how they can help grow your practice.

Learn how "niche" services can grow your clientele to the point of you having full-time massage work for your practice...every week.

If you are one who provides CE classes and instruction, please send us a message. We would love for you to write about your classes for this blog!

Are you a massage therapist or massage student? If so, please give us for feedback about our website. We would love to hear your suggestions and opinions on how we can make this website better for you, our visitors.

Keep coming back for all the latest information on massage therapy career choices, massage products and massage education.

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