Japanese massage ...
and it's centuries old healing traditions!

Japanese Massage (or Shiatsu) incorporates many oriental massage techniques including pressure point and kneading. Hands, palms, fingertips, thumbs, elbows and knees are all used in the therapy.

In Japanese families, there is usually one person (and sometimes more) who is trained to provide shiatsu to the other members of the family. It is often the woman or mother.

Japanese traditions indicate that this treatment is usually performed with the client fully clothed, but without shoes.

Typically focusing on the flow of Chi (energy) throughout the body, this therapy helps to unblock meridian points.

It also eliminates waste (evil - which prevents optimal health for mind, spirit, and body), calms the nervous system, improves circulation and encourages the body to heal itself.

The therapist will most likely do a thorough medical history consultation to determine what areas to address specifically and if there are issues that would indicate that the massage should not be performed.

Most often, the treatment is done on a mat on the floor or a very low table so that lots of pressure can be applied to the body if needed. Essential oil is used in addition to a massage oil or lotion to encourage other benefits for the client's health.

Types of Japanese Massage


Shiatsu acupressure applies healing energy techniques to the twelve meridians of the body. It involves adding slow, deep pressure with the client lying on his/her back, then on the stomach, then side-to-side.

Shiatsu massage chairs are becoming very popular in many homes, although nothing compares to the touch of the human hand, these chairs are as close to human hands as possible, and can ease the tension and stress of a long day, and you can get massage any time you want.

Zen Shiatsu

Zen shiatsu encourages meditation, which helps to create more harmony between mind and body, allowing the practitioner to understand the chi (energy) behavior.

This is one of the massage videos, The Art Of Shiatsu: Level 1 that teaches this basic form of Japanese bodywork, including it's different varieties from several oriental cultures.

This is a clip of that video:


Ashiatsu is a type of massage therapy in which the practitioner balances herself/himself from bars that are mounted above the table and massages the client with her/his feet.


Most shiatsu therapy sessions costs $55-$95, depending on where and from whom you receive treatment, as well as the experience level of the therapist.

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