Electric Massage Chairs
and true relaxation at home!

With the growing popularity of electric massage chairs, creating a relaxing environment in the comfort of home is possible, and economical too. Before buying, do your homework and  to help decide which brand to purchase, features, what to pay, and which have highest consumer ratings.

Massage recliners can range from $600-$7000, depending on brand, model and features. An average price is around $3500 - $4000.


The technology of this massage chair provides a complete body scan from neck, to back, to gluteals, to hamstrings. and can identify Shiatsu points, which differ between people. In other words, it can actually scan your back to provide you with a totally customized massage experience.

It also offers:

  • Pre-programmed options that can provide personalized adjustments at the touch of a button
  • Back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and even feet only optios, or choose all over massage 
  • Zero gravity (which makes you feel as if you are floating in the pool)
  • Lumbar back heat and seat heat  - provides high vibraional massage
  • 22 High-Efficiency, Next Generation Air Bags
  • Touch Screen Remote - Displays what the chair is doing in real time
  • Bluetooth Technology - allows user to listen to favorite music and answers calls on the best quality speakers available
  • Pre-set massage programs
  • Foot Rollers -2 Rows of Reflexology Rollers
  • Offers Swedish, Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Clapping and Rolling
  • Limited Warrenty and Additional Acciental Protection can be purchased


There are many health benefits to having a massage chair in your home:

  1. Help reduce tension 
  2. Increase flexibility of tight muscles
  3. Promote deep relaxation after a hard day at work
  4. Increase circulation
  5. Zero Gravity allows vertabrea space and helps with spine alignment
  6. Reduces need for weekly massage visits
  7. Increases Vitality
  8. Helps you sleep better
  9. Improves Overall sense of well-being
  10. Reduces Pain and Inflammation

If you can't get to a massage therapist on a regular basis or don't have one near you, massage recliners are a great alternative to traditional hands-on therapy, although nothing can compare to the kind, caring touch of human hands.

This is our #1 choice of best electric massage chairs based on consumer ratings, quality, comfort, features, and overall durability. 

Massage Education Guide's #1 Choice

Osaki OS Pro Zero Gravity Massage Chair


1. This massage therapy chair is rated 5 out of 5  by consumers.This is one of the first things we look for when we rate products.

2. Best Feature - The Osaki chair has the broadest body massage coverage available with Zer Gravity.

3. Best in Comfort/Relaxation - It cradles your whole body in soothing shiatsu and brings relief to tired muscles. Osaki OS Pro technology provides a gentle, figure-8 motion that mimics how a massage therapist balances the body during a massage session.

4. Overall Durability and Body Coverage -Less likely to have major mechanical or repair problems.  It also offers extension and flexion abilities, as well as gentle rotational stretching of the shoulders, mid-back and hips.

This chair also has the ability to provide a youth session with a more gentle massage, specially designed for younger users (14+).

Leather upholstery is nice for durability and easy cleaning. Also, most are available in different colors to match your existing furniture.

Read more reviews of this chair here.

This video also provides a review of the chair by Palmer Chiropractic:

There are other products that can help you relax and unwind at home too.

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Overall....the best choice for anyone who wants to purchase a quality electric massage chair to relax in the comfort of home!

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