Indian Head Massage Benefits
 for mind, body, and spirit....and great hair!

 Indian head massage benefits include relaxation of head, neck, and shoulder muscles, but it also includes stimulation of hair follicles, creating stronger, healthy hair, for a safe, simple therapy that has been popular in Indian for well over a thousand years.

“Champi” simply means “massage of the head.”

Champissage™ is a therapy developed by Narendra Mehta. He introduced it at the 1981 Mind, Body & Spirit Exhibition in Olympia, England.

The therapy helps the client become aware of his/her own healing power to restore proper energy flow through touch.

Originally the therapy was based on ancient Ayurvedic techniques, which was always a part of the tradition of family grooming.

5 Indian Head Massage Benefits

Hair Follicle Stimulation - Mothers, grandmothers, and daughters used this therapy with various natural massage oils to keep their hair healthy and strong. This healing tradition was passed from generation to generation.

Stress relief - therapy has been taken to not just the hair, but also the face, shoulders, neck and arms – where stress often accumulates.

Improves Energy Flow -  includes massage which produces better energy flow, or balancing of the 7 chakras, as working on the three highest chakras (Vishudha, Ajna, and Sahasrara) can create a balanced energy throughout the entire body.

Learn more about how to understand the 7 chakras.

Reduces neck and back tension - This is an amazing massage treatment which is often found in the plush spas in India and other countries where massage is highly revered

Incresed circulation -  known for providing increased circulation to the face, scalp, neck and spine, and relaxes these hard-working muscles.

What to expect with the therapy

The head, shoulders, neck, upper arms and upper back areas are gently and firmly massaged until the tension starts to slowly release and leave the body.

Head massage therapy combines a physical massage with energy balancing to release chronically tight muscles, reduce pain and pressure in the head, and produce feelings of peacefulness.

Today, in the more modern version of this therapy, no oils are used in the session and you do not have to even undress for a session, unless arms and upper back massage is provided.

Indian head massage offers relief from pain, and helps many stress-related symptoms like insomnia, headaches, migraines, neck pain, and back pain. It is very soothing, and it comforts and brings feelings of calmness, which creates a better flow of energy.

This is a great addition to seated chair massage, which is often focused on types of massage that treat the back, hands, shoulders, or hips.

This popular DVD, Indian Head Massage can help you learn this technique in the comfort of your home, to provide this type of relaxation for clients, family, and friends.

This is one of the massage video clips from that DVD that demonstrates this massage technique:

Main Benefit

Increased circulation in the head, neck and shoulder muscles, providing relief for tight, strained muscles.

Instructors for this therapy can help therapists learn to provide deep relaxation for clients, family, and friends.


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2. Lolita Knight 

With so many Indian Head Massage benefits, which often are focused on decreasing head pain and increasing circulation to the scalp, it is no wonder that this therapy is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments provided in the spa industry.

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