Healing touch
and the power of energy healing therapies!

Healing Touch (HT) is an energy healing work where therapists use their hands to support the client in achieving proper physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

HT uses a bio-field, or magnetic field around the body, as an energy-based approach to healing and optimal health.

Using touch to influence the human energy system, HT's non-invasive movements use the therapist's hands to clear, energize, and balance the human and environmental energy fields. In a massage therapy practice, massage techniques are often combined with HT to facilitate healing.

It is based on a caring relationship between the practitioner and the client as they join energy to encourage the client's health and healing.

The goal of HT is to bring back balance and harmonies in the energy system, allowing the client the potential to self heal.

Healing Touch Research

HT Research has been conducted in many settings and with many different health problems like:

  • Cancer
  • Cardio-vascular disease
  • Death and dying
  • Endocrine/Immune function
  • Pain
  • Post operative recovery
  • Stress

Studies support HT as a means to provide integrative patient care. HT research has been supported by hospitals, universities, colleges, and professional organizations.

How does Energy Healing work?

Energy healing work exists in literature of quantum physics and holistic healing. But, the exact physics can not be explained. Researchers only know that recipients have a positive response to energy therapies like Healing Touch.

Because energy healing work focuses on removing energy blockages that form in our energy fields (aura) and energy centers (chakras), clearing the energy channels should restore health and promote healing. Read more about understanding the 7 chakras.

HT techniques also may help prevent future issues by restoring balance to energy field disruptions, which may result in illness if not cleared.

This book, HealingTouch Guidebook, Practicing the Art and Science of Human Caring teaches anyone about how to understand the healing process through energy therapies with focus on theory, science, research, and actual practice.

What are Benefits of HT?

  • HT promotes relaxation and promotes healing
  • HT does not require tools or equipment to provide therapy
  • HT restores balance naturally...without drugs
  • HT is provided with a practitioners hands...no injections, tubes or surgery

What happens during HT Therapy?

HT is a biofield (energy field) therapy that often encorages a deep sense of calm and relaxation in the body, mind, and spirit.

Therapy is often given while the client lies on a massage table with their clothes on. With permission, the practitioner uses his/her hands to assess your biofield and help clear imbalances.

Who can practice HT?

HT classes are open to all. Massage therapists, bodyworkers, counselors, nurses, psychotherapists, and physicians seek education to practice energy healing work.

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