Best Piano Music for Relaxation

Some of the best piano music for relaxation that you can find is by Richard Maddock. It is used not only as massage therapy music, but often in dance classes, performances of dance, and many nature videos.

The music for massage therapy must be slow, and have the ability to draw clients into the rhythm, so that they are able to eventually release the stresses and worries of their everyday lives on the massage table.

Richard Maddock's music is perfect for massage!

Richard has worked for twenty-eight years at numerous dance schools across Canada. He is well-known for producing some of the best piano music for dance.

However, massage therapists are beginning to use his music in massage and many are talking about what great massage therapy music it can make for the session.

His CD “The Garden Within” has been warmly received by massage therapists and their clients.

Mr. Maddock’s CDs have gotten great reviews on sites such as,, and “The Garden Within” was reviewed by Massage New Zealand (Magazine Issue – June 2010).

Here are a few testimonials of his music used as massage therapy music:

“The Garden Within” CD"I am an avid collector of good music, and am excited to bring your attention to a CD for your massage clinic. The music is like Nature – absorbing emotion. The beautiful melodies get down to parts of the anatomy nothing else can reach, releasing an inner calm with tranquility, soothing jangled nerves. Each track is aptly named and the emotive collection is written by Richard Maddock.

The timing of 69.4 is a perfect timing for the beginning to end of a client session.

I love this CD - it gently and safely unlocks emotions within and drenches the soul with pure peace and relaxation. Track 14 moves forward aptly to an upbeat with China overtones enough to gently wake up the clients system in readiness for the remainder of the day."

The Garden Within will make a lovely gift for someone you care deeply about encouraging and creating a meditative state of consciousness. Also, great for you to listen to yourself first thing Sunday morning over breakfast, giving a great sense of appreciation for life on the planet. A deeply moving instrumental album."- Eileen Connelly - New Zealand RMT -

I purchased CDs from Richard for my massage business and they are wonderful. I get several comments from clients about the beautiful music when I play his CDs.”- Annie Moore, RMT – United States

The Garden Within is the perfect choice for relaxing massage therapy music, for any type of therapy you are providing. It creates a calm, restful atmosphere in the session, and helps the therapist to give the best massage possible, with the most relaxing music!

The best piano music for massage should be music that is recommended by other massage professionals, who understand what you are looking for and want to provide you with real, honest feedback on what music is the most relaxing to clients.

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