Best Foot Spa
How to choose the best for you

The best foot spa will improve your health by increasing blood circulation, easing muscle tension, soothing aching feet, and providing hydro-therapy with heat, shiatsu rollers and bubble jets. 

Foot spas help to relieve tension held in the feet from walking, standing, or running, keeping your body going. Most have several levels of intensity, water, and an added heating component, helping to soothe achy feet and increase circulation, but this one offers top-of-the-line, premium features.

Foot machine machines offer massage and relaxation too, but without the added benefits of water in a foot spa. Read more about the best foot massage machines.

Foot spa benefits

  1. Offers deep shiatsu massage - with kneading and rolling motions
  2. Improves circulation - which stimulates blood flow to the feet
  3. Offers heat - which relaxes muscles and provides deep comfort
  4. Promote a deeper sleep - helping you rest
  5. Eases pain - allowing a return to normal, everyday life
  6. Softens and Removes Dead Skin - helping feet feel smooth and healthy
  7. Water offers comfort for heels, toes, ankles and arches - total foot massage
  8. Improves organ function - offering acupressure massage to help kidney and liver filtration - improving metabolism

Read more about foot massage benefits for mind, body and spirit, how it can help relieve anxiety and depression, and how a foot massage video can help you learn techniques in the comfort of your home.

Foot spas help us relax at home without having to travel to get a pedicure, which, at times, may be unsafe and put us at risk for fungal infection and more. 

This particular machine is a favorite because it offers scraping motions, massage, and has foot tub features...offering relief for lower leg pain, not just foot pain. 

Many acupressure points in the feet relate to organ and system health, and this machine is designed to massage those organs to improve function, and better our health. When organ function is improved, our body systems work the way they are suppose to work, improving health and allowing us to feel our best.

Best Foot Spa (#1 for 2020)

#1 MaxKare

This foot spa is highly rated by consumers for fatigued, tired feet.

Tub Features:

  • Auto-off Timer
  • Heat Control Option - 6 in 1 Heat
  • Oxygen Bubbles and Great for Bath Salts
  • Side and Heel Scrapers
  • 10 - 60 minutes timer
  • Timer can be set in 5 minute increments 
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Draining Tube for easy clean up
  • Variable Strength Modes
  • "Frequency Conversion" helps increase bubbles and maintain water temperature

Foot massage is a great way to take care of tired, overworked feet, and a foot spa helps take care of them.

Read more about the benefits of foot massage at

Owning one of the best foot spa machines is a wonderful addition to your health maintenance routine, and a awesome way to take care of your feet, as they carry you through your work day. 

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