Benefits of Oncology Massage

As oncology massage has grown in popularity with the medical community, so has the need for massage therapists who specialize in work with cancer patients. 

This area of massage therapy teaches practitioners the symptoms, signs and techniques for care in cancer patients. Therapists are also taught how cancer treatments effect the human body, and how massage can make a positive impact.

Some training for this type of massage includes instruction on how to work with the patient's team of health care providers, how to communicate with doctors to market your services, and how to incorporate therapy into the chemotherapy treatment room.

Contraindications for massage will also be taught, as well as how to safely adapt different types of modalities into a relaxing, but helpful massage for any cancer patient.

Therapists learn how to address myths of massage for cancer patients and why it is not harmful or risky, how to communicate to ease fears, and to help the client be as comfortable as possible. 

Massage and breast cancer is an area of study for some therapists. It is one of those locations of the body that massage professionals should show the utmost of respect when treating, and a type of cancer massage that requires specialized training.

Massage therapists are often easy with pressure and massage in any area that has a tumor. He/she should discuss cancer location(s) before treatment.

Benefits of oncology massage include:

  • deep relaxation
  •  better sleep
  •  increased immune system function
  •  increased blood circulation
  •  relief of anxiety
  •  reducing pain
  • produces a sense of well-being and worth
  • reducing fatigue
  • relieves peripheral neuropathy symptoms
  • reducing nausea

    Therapists are taught to help people wherever they are in their journey with cancer. Massage is given to provide comfort and support during the process of diagnosis, treatment and beyond.   

    Each person who comes for massage therapy may be looking for something different in the treatment. Some just need quiet time away from normal surroundings, and thinking about the disease and it's affect on their life.  

    There are some different reasons why massage should not be given to certain cancer patients, so it is necessary for the massage therapist who is treating a cancer person, either with a history or currently, to be trained in oncology techniques of massage.

Massage and Bodywork: Adapting Therapies for Cancer Care teaches how to provide massage for cancer patients in various circumstances, with various types of cancer, and for those in different stages of cancer.

Read more about live classes in Oncology Bodywork Therapy at

Oncology massage therapists are taught to understand where you are in your journey with cancer, so that they can truly help, with whatever you are needing in a massage therapy session. 

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