Massage videos
learn true healing, deeper relaxation, ...and natural pain relief!  

Massage videos teach about healing therapies for natural pain relief. They allow us to learn at home and help those we love find gentle ways to relax, relieve muscle pain, release stress, and heal.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage include things that you can't buy......release of stress, trauma, grief, pain, or much-needed time away from caring for an elderly or sick family member.

There are many relaxing types of massage offered in spas, salons, and private practices around the world, but only true relaxation in a comfortable environment can ensure healing and pain relief.

Learn about:

Modern Massage Techniques

Traditional Massage Techniques

Massage for Pain 

Basic Massage for Face, Neck, Back, Head/Scalp, Hand, Foot, Leg, and Tummy

Massage videos and natural pain relief

Massage videos can teach you how to help people you love release severe pain in the comfort of home....the place we are most relaxed!

Videos offer training on massage without attending a class, but they are also great for those who want to see body work performed n order to help someone they love get out of pain.

Massage can help many common medical conditions, with easy-to-learn techniques that decrease pain and speed the healing process.

Read more about common  types of pain disorders and medical conditions that are helped with massage therapy.

Learn more about treating specific  pain with easy-to-learn specific body part massage like head, neck, back, feet, leg, arm, and hand massage. Great for helping with headaches, foot pain, back aches, neck pain, and hand conditions like arthritis.  

This is a video I made that teaches face and scalp massage if you are trying to help someone with headaches, migraines, neck pain, or sinusitis.

These are easy types of massage to learn:

Back Massage

Neck Massage

Know that life-long, chronic pain can be eased with massage therapy and simple techniques that anyone can learn by watching videos!

You do not have to have the most expensive massage products to help someone in pain.

Read product reviews by experienced massage professions for the products you will use most!

Massage Creams

Massage Oils

Helping someone's pain to ease or tension to go away is rewarding in so many ways, but it is hard work.

For those who make massage therapy a life-long career, massage is in the blood. You cannot get it out and when you can't provide massage, you are just not whole.

Whether you want to learn about massage to help a family member or friend, massage videos are a great way to learn without having to attend massage school classes.

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