Thai Massages

by Amy P.
(Bay Area, CA)

When I lived in Bangkok, Thailand beginning in 2001, I regularly had traditional Thai massages and foot massages. They are advertised all over for as little as $10 for one hour.

Because my income allowed for this luxury, I would have a massage once a month or so.

In Thailand, the massage salons varied from international luxury day spa resorts to very casual small shops where the thin mattresses would be lined up with cloth curtains separating the area for privacy.

The causal places were where I frequented so I could visit more often, but you sometimes get what you pay for. For example one time there was a TV in the massage room and the masseuse would watch her soap opera while working on me. More than once the masseuse would answer her mobile phone when it would ring!

Thai massages are sometimes not that relaxing. It is very interactive in that you sit up for some stretches and lay down in other various positions while the masseuse (usually a woman) would use her arms, legs, feet and elbows to massage different body parts. Your masseuse may even stand on your back and step back and forth on either side of your spine.

The only thing I didn't want to have done was the neck crack. It happened once when I didn't really expect it and it felt unsettling. The release of the lactic acid afterward felt great, but it was still too unsettling.

So in summary, a Thai massage makes you your muscles feel relaxed but you leave feeling more like you've had a workout. Still, it was enjoyable enough to keep going back regularly!

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