Pinterest and Your Business

Pinterest is the social media marketing site that lets you share pictures, rather than communicate through words, as with Facebook or Twitter marketing.

When you first look at it, it seems like just another social media marketing site. But, it is quickly growing in popularity, and power!

You are encouraged to "pin" and "like" pictures of things that are interesting to you. When pins are "liked", their popularity grows with other pinners, and the potential for them to visit your website or blog is high.

Pins appear on a virtual bulletin board. They can be named and put into different categories like "Massage Therapy" or "Favorite Places" or "Books Worth Reading" or "For The Home".

People share recipes, homemade items, wedding ideas, and interesting facts related to their work. Artists even share pictures of their paintings in hopes of a sale or to peek interest in their work.


1. Great for small business. It allows you to show your work and clearly help the viewer/buyer understand what products and services you offer.

2. Great for Niche or specialty stores. If your business sells cowboy hats or a specialty food products that are gluten-free, or you specialize in Fibromyalgia massage treatments, it is the perfect social media platform to showcase your products.

3. Great for travel websites. If you are a travel agent or own a hotel, it is a way to share pictures and interesting tidbits about a location or destination.

4. Boosts SEO rankings. Any folks visiting your website through a social media link helps increase your standing with the search engines.

5. Grows consumer interest. Anyone who is interested in what you pin, will likely follow you, like your pins, and share your pins...which will also lead folks to your website.

6. Simple! It is very user-friendly, easy to like, follow, pin, re-pin and interact with others.

7. Offline creations can easily be shared online with pictures.

8. Over 11 million people visit every day.

9. Popularity of Pinterest has grown by 400% from Nov. 2011 - Feb 2020.

10. It is popular with educated people with incomes of over $30,000. Almost 3/4 of users are female - perfect for massage therapists.

This is not your regular social media type of platform. But, with it's explosion onto the social media scene, it is not an opportunity that you want to pass by your company.

Though it has a ways to go to be in the same category as Facebook or Twitter marketing, Pinterest is quickly showing it's social media muscles.

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