Massage Schools in Washington DC  

If you are planning to visit massage schools in Washington DC, you have a few great schools to consider.

Located in the northern region of the Potomac River, with Virginia to the southwest, and Maryland surrounding the rest of the district's borders, Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States.

Washington, D.C. is a metropolitan city with over 5 million people. So, there are lots of people who potentially seek massage therapy services.

Weather can be harsh in the DC area. It is known for it's cool winters and warm summers. Major winter storms are not uncommon in this part of the country.

Washington, D.C. is a popular vacation and business destination for thousands of people who come here each year to visit it's  theaters, museums, historical houses, cathedrals and memorials. 

Both Washington, D.C. residents and visitors seek regular massage therapy services, so there is potential for your success in massage therapy this state.

Seeking a part-time or full-time career after massage school? The Washington DC massage schools listed below will be able to provide you with the skills that you need.

Be sure to read my "Tips on Choosing a Massage School" page for questions to ask as you tour the schools, before you begin your search.

Education information, as well as licensure requirements, can be found on the Washington, D.C. website at

Massage Schools in Washington DC  

Washington DC Massage Schools
Washington D.C. City School Website
    Potomac Massage Training Institute
  Falls Church, Virginia National Massage Therapy Institute

This video introduces National Massage Therapy Institute:

National Massage Therapy Institute offers massage therapy courses in the day, evening and weekends for those who need convenient hours for a busy work and family schedules.

Students are practicing massage therapy with hands-on training in the first class, so they are well -trained to handle a full time massage therapy career after graduation..

This school is licensed by the state of Virginia and is nationally accredited.  They have three locations: Northeast Philadelphia, PAEgg Harbor Township/Atlantic City, NJ; and Falls Church, VA, near Washington, DC. 

This book, The Business of Massage Therapy: Building a Successful Career can be a great resource as you search for a a massage school. It offers tips on how to choose, how to start a  business, and how to have a life-long career in massage. 

Choosing massage schools in Washington DC can be as easy as calling massage therapists who live there, asking for their opinion on what schools are best. They will be honest in providing a school referral.

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