Massage Schools in South Dakota

If you are considering massage schools in South Dakota, and a rewarding career in massage therapy, you have many great schools to visit.

Located in the Midwestern region of the United States, with North Dakota to the north, Nebraska to the south, Wyoming and Montana to the west, and Iowa and Minnesota to the east, South Dakota is in the northern center the country.

South Dakota is an important transportation center because it has two major interstates running through the state along with the railroad routes, national byways, and scenic highways.

If you want to live near a large city like Sioux Falls or a small town like Vermillion, South Dakota has what you are looking for.

South Dakota is known for it's extreme weather patterns. Heavy thunderstorms with flooding, hail and strong winds are common in the summertime months. Cold waves with blizzards and ice storms are also normal for this state. 

South Dakota is a vacation destination for thousands of people come here each year to visit the famous historic memorials, national parks, and museums.

Both South Dakota residents and visitors seek regular bodywork services, so there is potential for your success in this state.

If you are seeking a part-time or full-time career, the South Dakota massage schools listed below will be able to provide you with the massage therapy career skills that you need.

Be sure to read my "Tips on Choosing a Massage School" page before you begin your search.

Education information, as well as licensure requirements, can be found on the South Dakota Massage Therapy Board website at

Massage Schools in South Dakota

South Dakota City School Website
  Ellsworth AFB,Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Watertown National American University
  Hermosa Black Hills Health & Education Center School of Massage
  Rapid City Headlines Academy
  Sioux Falls South Dakota School of Massage Therapy

This video, made by students,  introduces South Dakota School of Massage Therapy:

This school offers great teachers with years of experience teaching and working in massage therapy, who provide lots of one-on-one instruction. It has a great reputation and is an established school in the state.

The cost for the program is actually very reasonable, and classes are provided with a schedule that is best for you and your life. 

The school uses only high quality products and national curriculum guidelines with high ethical standards.

Students are eligible to sit for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) credentials upon completion of this school's program.

South Dakota School of Massage Therapy is one of the best massage schools in South Dakota.

This book, Massage Therapy Career Guide for Hands-On Success will also provide good tips on selecting a massage school, gaining clients, and establishing a wonderful career.

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