Massage Schools in North Carolina 

Massage schools in North Carolina offer classes in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, but will also focus on hands-on clinical massage techniques to equip the student to deal with the positive and negative aspects of the profession.

Located in the Southeastern region of the United States, with Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north, and South Carolina to the south, North Carolina is located along the Atlantic Seaboard.

So, if you want to live near the big city of Charlotte, in a small town like Wayne, or on the beach, North Carolina has all of these things and more.

North Carolina is known for it's beautiful blue mountaintops and quiet uncrowded beaches. Because of these attractions, there are many resorts and spas in this state.

It is a vacation destination for thousands of people as it also offers amusement parks, golf resorts, wineries, and mountain hideaways. Both North Carolina residents and visitors seek regular bodywork services, so there is great potential for your success in this state.

For those who are seeking a part-time or full-time massage therapy career, the North Carolina massage schools, listed below, will be able to provide you with the skills that you need for success.

Read my "Tips on Choosing a Massage School" page before you begin to search for your school. It will give you tips on what to ask, where to go, and which to consider.

Licensure requirements for massage schools in North Carolina and other educational resources can be found on the North Carolina state website at

Massage Schools In North Carolina

North Carolina City School Website
  Asheville Center for Massage & Natural Health
    Asheville School of Massage & Yoga
  Charleston Charleston School of Massage
  Charlotte Southeastern Institute
    Therapeutic Massage Training Institute
  Concord Blue Ridge Healing Arts Academy
  Cornelius Edmund Morgan School of Massage Therapy
  Fairview North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork
  Fayetteville Miller-Motte Technical College
  Greensboro Kneaded Energy >
  Raleigh The Medical Arts School
    American and European Massage Center
    The Healing Arts and Massage School
    ECPI College of Technology
  Siler City Body Therapy Institute
  Wilmington College of Wilmington

This video introduces Body Therapy Institute:

For more information about careers in massage therapy, this book, The Business of Massage Therapy: Building a Successful Career teaches about how to pick a good school, how to start a business, how to attract clientele, and what path in massage is best for you.

No matter which of the North Carolina massage schools you choose, enjoy the adventure, and look forward to a life-long career of helping folks release stress, pain, and worry!

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