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spiritually grounded Lomilomi

Mana Lomi® is a spiritually grounded and clinically focused  style of lomilomi (Hawaiian massage) which originates from the Big Island through the linage of Aunty Margaret Machado and was developed in present form by Dr. Maka'ala Yates, DC.

In the massage therapy classes you will learn how to problem solve, and how clinically directed Lomilomi, originating from ancient Hawaiian healing practices, have a goal of  reaching harmony between people and nature.  

Participants are taught how to deeply communicate within the bones of the client, and therefore with the soul, while also working the bone structure, tissues and muscles to support alignment. The therapist will also address using core muscles, how to prevent injury, and speed healing.

Therapists learn massage that is physically effective and also soothing and relaxing.

Classes teach deep bone and muscle massage, that is also gentle, by instructing on how to channel body weight and mana (life energy) through the hands. Therapists are taught to use their breath to soothe both their own body and the client’s body.

Techniques often help the therapists become aware of their own bodies, posture, and mechanics, helping to increase sensitivity in the massage session. They develop a sense of how to find the healing mana (chi), allowing them to work with little stress and achieve long-term results.

The therapy uses modest draping practices.

This is one of the massage videos that demonstrate ManaLomi® classes taught by the founder Dr. Maka'ala Yates DC, Barbara Helynn Heard LMP, and Marcia York LMT.

Mana Lomi® Workshop Overview:

•Level 1- focuses on the circulatory and nervous systems and introducing clinical interpretation.

•Level 2 develops clinical skills while teaching compression-traction, as well as effective use of hot towels.

•Level 3 teaches mobilization of joints.

•Lomi ‘ili’ili – lomi with stones – teaches the level 1 routine with hot stones. It can be taken either before or after level 1.

Workshops each offer 27 hours of continuing education credit with NCBTMB approved provider # 287333-00.

ManaLomi® classes are taught worldwide.

To learn more about Hawaiian massage techniques, as well as many other types of massage therapy, this book, The World's Best Massage Techniques The Complete Illustrated Guide: Innovative Bodywork Practices From Around the Globe for Pleasure, Relaxation, and Pain Relief teaches about those therapies. With many illustrations included, the details provided help you remember and incorporate simple techniques into any type of massage.

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