Lomilomi Massage
{5 benefits for health and happiness}

Lomilomi massage techniques are different from Swedish massage, deep tissue massage or any other kind of bodywork therapy, because they were created in ancient Hawaiian culture, that believed in it's ability to support all aspects of physical, mental and emotional health.

It was often taught on sacred grounds and originated as a "right of passage" to mark the achievement of adulthood for future leaders, but also used as a way to promote healing of someone in great physical or emotional pain. It was believed that prior to becoming a leader, or to obtain optimal health, a person must understand who they are as a human being.

Part of this understanding of self is becoming aware of the gifts that you can give to the world, and the responsibility to live in a way that honors others and self.

The job of the therapist of Hawaiian massage, called a Kahuna, was to provide an example of wholeness for the recipient to follow. The therapist conveyed this message through non-verbal communication.

Benefits of Lomilomi Massage

  1. Increased blood circulation - sometimes with the use of massage stones
  2. Cleansing - not only from the impurities of the mind, but the body as well. Many practitioners ask you to drink an herbal tea to prepare the body for cleansing.
  3. Relief of pain - massage is known to relieve pain, but this type of massage helps release worry as well, which reduces mental fatigue too.
  4. Reduces stress - reducing worry and anxiety!
  5. Creates balance - allowing you to cope with everyday worries, and handle them with more relaxed state of mind.

The past, present and future of the recipient were honored and the subconscious was invited to follow the wholeness example of the Kahuna, to a better self-understanding.

The bodywork would continue until the wholeness of the recipient was recognized as being important to well-being and community.

Hawaiian Bodywork Today

Today, Hawaiian massage is expressed in many of the same ways, being given to people who feel disconnected with self, and want themselves back! The therapist brings support to assist the client in remembering who they truly are.

Lomilomi practitioners are taught that it is an honor for the client to trust them, and that the client's presence is a gift. When the client lies on the therapist's table, they are allowed the time to enter into a healing state

This Sacred Lomi DVD Set: Lomi lomi Volume 1 & 2 teaches the techniques for full-body Lomi lomi massage. The Vol. 1 CD teaches routine for the back of the body, Vol. 2 teaches routine for the front of the body. Both have step-by-step easy to follow movements and include a detailed booklet recommending types of oils, body mechanics, table settings, and draping.

This is a short clip of this DVD:

To fully understand the art of Lomilomi massage, therapists are taught Hawaiian philosophy called Huna, which explains ancient philosophies of bodywork therapy.

The most fundamental assumption with Huna is that each person seeks true harmony and love. And this therapy, as with many other massage therapy techniques, conveys a deep (almost spiritual) concern for the individual client's well-being.

With flowing strokes and a completely nurturing environment, this therapy encourages relaxation of the entire being, allowing release of old beliefs, feelings and deep suppressions. Because people often think of these beliefs, suppressions, memories, and trauma as things held within the mind, this therapy focuses on ideas that these "old junk" is held within the body cells.

Because ancient Polynesians looked at things in terms of energy flow, any "old junk" held within the body cells, could prevent proper energy flow, and when removed through Lomilomi massage therapy, created a healthier, happy individual..

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