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About Me

A few things about me and the creation of Massage Education Guide....

After 20 years of practicing massage, I decided to create an online resource for those who want to learn about what to do after massage to build a business from scratch, how to create a website that works for your business, how to create social media posts to engage clients, how to create Facebook Ads, effective SEO practices, and so much more.

I have spent thousands of dollars on advertising my business in newspapers, only to get a few clients, that may or may not return and become a regular customer, and it almost drained me financially.

Finding a way to build my business online for free became my only goal, and I spent many hours studying how folks grow a business with little-to-no money through social media.

Now, because of all I went through to grow my business, I teach  the benefits of building an online space, easy SEO and social media tips, and how sales funnels are now the way to make an additional online income, and make life so much better!

What's my passion? Massage therapy always and forever is my love, but helping people learn how to grow an online business is a very close second!

So, let's build your business, your dream, and grow together!