How To Relax Your Mind
natural solutions to reduce stress and anxiety

Letting go and learning how to relax your mind, might be one of the most important things you ever do, because letting go and releasing stress and anxiety might help you live longer.

Massage Therapy to Relax the Mind

The benefits of massage for letting go of stress, are much more than a little time of relaxation. Release of trauma, grief, shock, or just some time away from caring for kids, or an elderly family member can change your perspective. 

There are many massage techniques offered in salons and spas around the world, but relief can also be found in the comfort of home, using massage tools, essential oils, making your own simple body scrubs or a luxurious body butter, with basic ingredients found in most pantries.

Massage is a natural way to relax the mind, and foot spas, back, head, or neck massagers, and using essential oils allow consumers to learn how to relax at home..... anyday, everyday. Add massage music, and you have started a mini-spa at home.

Essential Oils to Relax the Mind

Essential oils are some of the most wonderful, naturally-healing products used today, offering benefits for our mind, body and spirit, allowing release.

  1. Tea Tree - to help fight bacteria, and boost the  immune system
  2. Eucalyptus - to release nasal and chest congestion 
  3. Bergamot  - helps heal acne, eczema,  and other skin conditions
  4. Peppermint  - soothes nausea and releaves many stomach- related disorders
  5. Sandlewood - helps calm the nervous system
  6. Rose - helps relieve anxiety and worry
  7. Lavender  - encourages relaxation and calmness 
  8. Chamomile - helps support better mood 
  9. Jasmine - helps relieve depression

And these are only a few of the essential oils folks use for spa-like release at home!

Diffuser Benefits for Relaxation

Diffusers are good home spa products because they work to release healthy molecules into the air via a cool air mist, allowing us to breath air, with added essential oils, enabking us deep relaxation.

Through nhalation, the oils provide their benefits and offer a greater feeling of inner peace. 

How to Relax Your Mind at Home

Going to a fancy spa or salon, or using the most expensive products to relax, is not what most people need.

If fact, most of the essential oils, body scrubs, and body butters that fancy spas use, can be easily made at home, using simple ingredients that most people already have, and use everyday, and they are often better than products in the store.

As tension and chronic pain are relieved, life begins to feel less overwhelming,  and more like a life worth enjoying.

And the real peace, as you finally relax, makes your mind, body and spirit relax ...and there is calmness again.

Learn how to relax your mind, either for yourself, or to help someone else, because learning how will help you understand that release those worries can heal us; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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