Hawaiian Massage
and it's rich history of healing benefits!

Hawaiian Massage or Lomilomi (which means loving hands), has been a tradition of bodywork for hundreds of years in Hawaii. Everyone use to give and receive massage.

Many families would teach their children, and the tradition was passed from generation to generation.

About the session

Originally performed by "kahunas"(healers), the therapy often included traditional herbs, salts and prayers. Centuries ago, it would include a hula dance ritual which was thought to keep the therapists body "in sync" with the client.

Lomilomi practitioners today might use elbows, knuckles, and forearms, along with fingertip and palm pressure to achieve desired results. They will use a massage oil rather than massage lotion or cream.

They will often use both hands simultaneously on different parts of the body, mimicking the freedom of hula dance.

Benefits of Hawaiian Massage

This therapy produces very positive physical, psychological, and emotional results because it is based on the ancient theory that the combination of touch and love cancels the negative effects of stress on the body.

It has been said that Lomilomi creates a more spiritual connection from our mind to the our body, allowing healing. Just the benefits of kukui nut oil (often used in this massage) offers soothing relief and rejuvenate to tired skin.

This holistic, sacred art was designed to create alignment within the body, give inner peace and purify the soul.


It can be more expensive than other techniques. Typically, a one hour treatment will be $55-$105, depending on where you receive the massage and the experience level of the therapist.

Spas and resorts are popular for tourists in Hawaii, but massage services tend to be costly in these venues. A salon, clinic,  or private practice therapist may be more economical.

To search for Hawaii Massage Schools, please visit the Massage Schools in Hawaii page.

Learn Hawaiian Massage or Lomilomi with this highly rated DVD set by Carrie Rowell.

Level 1 teaches basic techniques for a full body routine that is easy to learn and follow. With flowing strokes and forearm massage techniques, this DVD is a great tool for practitioners who want to avoid straining their bodies and hands.

Level 2 teaches advanced Lomilomi that can be added to any routine or incorporated into any massage techniques. This DVD set contains simple instructions and examples of the therapy.

This is a clip of one of the DVD:

This Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Levels 1&2 DVD Set is perfect for learning this therapy massage in the comfort of your own home. It has step-by-step instructions for providing this wonderful modality to your friends, family, and clients...and they will love it!

This is a great article on Lomilomi, about how it is considered a sacred, ancient art in Hawaii, and why Hawaiians think of it as a healing, calming, therapy for anyone.

Hawaiian massage can be a very spiritual experience, offering not just an opportunity to heal, but an opportunity to release pain, worry, stress, and anxiety.

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