Foot Reflexology Benefits
7 real benefits that help us heal naturally

The most wonderful foot reflexology benefits include it's ability to provide a deep relaxation, while also stimulating relax points throughout the body to offer healing.

Reflexology has been used for centuries in many countries, as a natural way to aid in healing and pain relief, and many studies have been conducted to prove its effectiveness in treatment of illness.

Our feet hold the weight of our entire body, and carry us wherever we go, so it is not surprising that treatments for the feet are growing in popularity all over the world. Although still recognized as an alternative health treatment, foot reflexology has gained attention over the last two decades for the many health benefits it produces.

7 Foot Reflexology Benefits

  1. Relaxation of mind and body - with the combination of reflex point stimulation and foot massage, reflexology offers release of stress and tension for the entire spirit
  2. Stimulation of reflex points - using the hand, thumbs, and fingers, pressure is added to certain  reflex points to positively affect organs and systems throughout the body
  3. Reduces anxiety and depression - by helping to relax the body, it can also relax the nervous system and the mind
  4. Relieves chronic sinusitis - research has found that sinusitis and chronic nasal congestion can be relieved with reflexology
  5. Improves blood circulation - regular reflexology has the ability to improve blood flow throughout the entire body, allowing us to have more energy and clearer thinking
  6. Promotes better sleep - by helping the nervous system to function better, reflexology also helps the neurotransmitters to promote sleep, allowing us to manage insomnia naturally
  7. Helps headache pain - regular reflexology treatments helps to calm us, helping muscles relax and tension to ease, decreasing the effect of cortisol on our blood vessels, reducing headache frequency...helping us reduce the amount of pills we take!

Reflexology helps to keep qi, or energy flow, moving within the body, keeping it balanced and illness free. The goal is to trigger the return of normalcy or homeostasis to the body, and reducing tension by helping the body relax, which is the first step toward healing

In Chinese medicine, various body parts correspond with pressure points in the feet and on the body. Reflexologists use these points in the feet, hands, and ears to determine where to apply pressure.

It is believed that applying the pressure sends energy flowing through the body until it reaches an area that needs healing.

Reflexologists believe that pressure point touch helps to calm the nervous system, providing relaxation and healing, just like massage.

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Nowadays, most massage therapists have certifications and understand foot reflexology benefits for their clients, and they can re commend the therapy from first-hand knowledge of its ability to help us be healthier.

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