Fertility Massage ...
to reduce the stress hormone cortisol and decrease pain!

Fertility massage is an abdominal massage that focuses on relaxation and promoting proper functioning of the reproductive organs. It also helps to break up scarring and adhesions.

Benefits of massage for infertility!Benefits of massage for infertility!

Treating conditions that cause infertility issues in women often involve painful tests and procedures. Massage gives the option of trying a non-invasive, natural therapy.


Infertility can be caused by hormone imbalances, endometriosis, thyroid issues, uterine fibroids or simply by stress.

Hormone imbalances are one of the main reasons that women cannot get pregnant. Many times this is due to many years of oral birth control.


Although this type of massage involves deep abdominal massage, it can help to increase the blood circulation to the reproductive organs and help to break up scar tissue and any blockages to the fallopian tubes.

The treatment can also help to promote a regular menstrual cycle, improve ovarian function, and decrease blood clots.

Research shows that regular massage helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, decreases pain, improves immunity, and helps the muscles to relax. Because of this research, many doctors are now recommending their female patients get regular massage therapy, if only for relaxation and stress-reduction.

Always consult your doctor before having this treatment. Make sure that massage therapy does not interfere with other medical fertility treatments.

The massage techniques shared on the Massage for Fertility DVD have been practiced for almost 30 years and have a success rate of 60-80% with couples who are trying to become parents.

With these massage techniques, you learn to use specific massage oils and therapeutic grade essential oils blended to balance hormones in both the male and the female.

This DVD also teaches how to talk to couples about a healthy diet, herbal medicines, and natural conception methods.

This is a clip of the instructor discussing what is taught and why:

Natural solutions to fertility problems are being researched in universities and hospitals all over the world in order to avoid the trauma and pain of so many tests and procedures for women who have a difficult time conceiving a child.

For this reason, fertility massage has become popular with women who are trying to conceive naturally, and is growing in popularity with physicians and other health care providers.

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