Equine Massage Therapy Schools ...
and learning the true benefits of massage for horses!

Equine massage therapy schools teach the benefits of massage for horses, along with how to massage different types of horses, like racing/sports, show horses, or pregnant, injured, or elder horses.

Some schools provide distance learning certifications, as well as live massage therapy classes in this therapy. There are also a few good massage videos, where you can learn at home.

These are a few of the best Equine massage therapy schools:


Equissage is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider. Both the equine and canine massage programs provide 50 hours of continuing education.

Equissage is the oldest trainer of equine massage therapists in the world. Since 1991, Equissage has graduated more than 10,000 Equine & Companion Animal Massage Technicians, from every state in the US and many countries around the world. Instructors are trained professionals under the leadership of Mary Schreiber, who developed the first certificate program in equine sports massage therapy.

Equissage does not certify its graduates to teach their own programs. However, in order to certify more technicians in the Equissage program, they have created an expansion program, which allows certified graduates to teach the program in certain locations.

The facility is located in the village of Round Hill, and the Equissage Horse Farm is about 45 miles northwest of Washington D.C. Many graduates work for the very top echelon of owners and trainers both in the racing world, as well as on the show circuit. Some have been selected to work with the US Equestrian team at the Olympics, while others have worked on winners of Triple Crown Races.

  • Geary Whiting's Equine Massage School

This Equine program offers classes in basic health and nutrition for horse and rider, Shiatsu massage training, horse stretching techniques, saddle fitting, natural hoof care, equine anatomy, strength training for horse & rider, and hands on horse massage experiences.

The school is located in Big Sur, California, which is known all over the world as the most beautiful, and majestic healing place on Earth. Known as a "world class equine massage education program". They offer a virtual tour of the education and facility on their website!

  • Northwest School of Animal Massage

These certification courses are offered in a unique hybrid format combining distance learning with a hands-on practical. This program offers three levels of massage training. Level 100 courses are the foundation course and provides basic training for career-seekers and animal lovers. The additional levels of training are designed to add specialized skills in sports massage or rehabilitation massage techniques, offering graduates the opportunity to specialize their training.

Western Montana School of Equine Massage is in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. Coreen Kelly is the Owner/Instructor. She brings traditional Chinese bodyworking principles together with western massage techniques as she leads each student through an exciting Level I - seven day Equine massage certification course and an advanced Level II five day Equine Reiki Acupressure certification course that will prepare them for a fulfilling career in therapeutic equine massage.

She also offers an additional advanced Level III - 5 day Equine Reiki Immersion certified course. For prior students a 'refresher/retreat' of all prior courses. This is one of the equine massage therapy schools where private classes available upon request (for a slightly higher tuition fee).

Equine massage therapy classes also available for the little to no horse experienced student. If you are a horse owner, rider or trainer, Jim Masterson's DVD, will show you 24 different techniques to loosen muscles and increase performance. Great for those who just want to learn horse massage, without the official training.

If you are unable to attend one of the schools, this Equine Massage DVD is a step by step guide, and each technique is clearly filmed and explained in detail. The instructor demonstrates a complete treatment covering the neck, shoulder and back. He has used this treatment to improve performance on over a thousand horses!

Equine massage therapy schools provide education that enable you to begin working on horses to provide massage therapy in order to enhance performance and release muscle tensions in injured or birthing situations.

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