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Diabetes is a disease which lessons the body's ability to metabolize carbohydrates, which results from inadequate production of insulin. This substance is necessary to convert our food into energy because it transfers the glucose from the bloodstream to the cells.

The main symptom of this disease is high blood sugar. Other symptoms might include frequent urination, excessive thirst and fatigue.

Treatment will either be insulin injections for Type 1 or oral medications for Type 2.

A few drops of a high quality Melissa essential oil is also a great way to naturally lower blood sugar levels. Just add a drop or two in a glass of water each day. Amazing...God has given us healing solutions...

Benefits of Massage

According to several research studies, and as reported in the October 2001 issue of Diabetes Spectrum, massage therapy may affect insulin absorption, blood glucose levels, and diabetic neuropathy in a positive way.

As more positive research is reported as to the benefits of massage for diabetics, these are important benefits for everyone who receives massage...but especially for diabetics:

  • Improved Circulation Because diabetic massage increases the circulation of blood and lymph, it promotes better transport of oxygen and nutrients through the body and organs, in turn, improving the insulin distribution within cells.
  • Relaxation Benefits of relaxation massage for diabetic patients includes a physical, emotional and psychological release of different types of stresses associated with living a diabetics life. Diabetics must monitor blood glucose levels daily, as well as the manage the stresses that it puts on the body. With that, it's easy to understand how massage therapy can help patients.
  • Endorphins Massage releases endorphins, helping to calm the nervous system, and promote the reduction of stress hormones (oxytocin), thereby encouraging the stabilization blood sugar levels.
  • Muscles and Fascia High blood sugar levels can sometimes cause thickening of the connective tissue or fascia, which can affect movement and range of motion. Massage increases blood circulation and allows positive chemical changes to occur which decrease stiffness and encourage flexibility.


Sessions for diabetic massage treatment can last 30-90 minutes and cost $30-$150, not usually any more than a regular massage therapy session. 

Always see your physician on a regular basis to monitor your high blood sugar and also to make sure that massage therapy is safe for you.

This video talks about more benefits of massage therapy for diabetes:  

Western medicine is usually focused on medical treatment of disease and illness, whereas energy treatments focus on the holistic mind, body, and spirit connections.

Energy healing may actually be looked at one day soon as as an "accepted" alternative therapy, in conjunction with standard medical therapies.

Energy healing therapies, like Therapeutic Touch (TT), Reiki, massage, and acupressure, have certainly been studied more closely over the last 10 years as alternative treatment options for varies illnesses. But, can they really help restore normal blood glucose levels?

This DVD, Treating Diabetics by Foot Massage helps you learn great foot massage techniques for diabetic patients, how to provide nerve stimulation with massage, and how to ease neuropathy symptoms.  

As with any alternative treatment options, always discuss massage therapy with your primary care physician to make sure it is safe for you or your family/friends with diabetes.

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