Chi Nei Tsang 
and it's benefits for your health!

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is an abdominal massage intended to release tension and emotion that often is stored in the section from the breast bone to the pubic area.

Practitioners of this therapy are taught that our core is an integral area of our body, with the navel being the major part of our everyday goal of health and well being.

What is CNT and where did it come from?

Ancient Taoist monks discovered thousands of years ago that stagnation of energy flow (chi) in the body disrupted their efforts to attain high states of awareness through meditation.

They concluded that stagnation was the cause of many emotional, as well as physical, illnesses.

They developed Chi Nei Tsang, or CNT, to help alleviate the ailments they encountered. In the 1970’s, Chi Kung Master Mantak Chia brought CNT to the West as a branch of the ‘Universal Tao’ healing.

The term "chi" means energy and "nei tsang" means internal organs.

CNT basically means “working the energy of the internal organs”.

CNT massage is a gentle, but deep massage of the navel area. 

It is believed that the body retains cellular memory, remembering both physical and emotional trauma and/or pain. These emotions are stored in the body, and if left unresolved, can produce serious emotional, physical, or mental issues.

Benefits of Chi Nei Tsang 

Physically, CNT massage techniques helps detoxify the body by reducing stagnation, increasing elimination, improving digestion, and encouraging lymphatic drainage. Because of these positive changes, it may also strengthen theimmune system. 

It can help re-align the structure of the body with deep massage strokes, which can stimulate the organs to work better, addressing long-time visceral imbalances.

CNT helps us get to the root of deep, emotional issues that often are hidden in our bodies. It teaches us to know and like ourselves better, allowing us to feel emotion, sometimes even when we really don't want to feel those emotions.

Mentally, the therapy helps our thinking process, so we are more aware of the connections of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

What to expect

When feelings are awakened during a CNT session, the therapist guides you to greater understanding of your feelings, while helping you to realize why and how the emotions are surfacing.

Medical Massage for the Abdominal Wall teaches many of the same abdominal massage techniques, focusing on deeper and superficial muscles, including iliopsoas and diaphragm.

This video is by Ralph Stephens, who teaches these techniques to many different types of health care providers:

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Chi Ne Tsang, as well as all most abdominal massage techniques, can easily relax muscles, and unlock trapped emotion and pain stored in many core areas of the body.

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