Best Foot Scrub
5 reasons why Choosing the Best Makes all the Difference!

The best foot scrub will not only exfoliate, but will also nourish and soften the feet, allowing them to feel refreshed and revitalized, helping them to look amazing.

The one thing that is most important as you care for your feet is the scrub.

Using a good foot scrub helps to exfoliate the dead skin on the feet, and if it includes a good oil, helps to nourish the feet, leaving them soft and beautiful.

Sugar and salt scrubs are both great for use on the feet because they both dissolve in water easily, and using a pumice stone leaves behind the grainy residue that is hard to clean up and nasty to look at, and can also clog your drains.

If you worry about the health of your feet, dryness, foot fungus, cracked heels, or other foot disorders, a good scrub will certainly help. However, if you have open wounds, or  any kind of broken skin, you should consult a doctor before using a scrub.

There are many different types of scrubs including salt, sugar, coffee, pumice, or even nutshell. All have an exfoliant effect, and when rubbed on the feet, remove the dead skin.

5 Reasons to Choose the Best Foot Scrub

  1. Dissolves easily - Salt and sugar are the easiest as they dissolve in water
  2. Natural oils -  nourishes skin - usually with a natural oil, leaving skin feeling healthier
  3. Texture - the thicker, the better, as it will remove more of the dead skin, and leave softer feet
  4. Scent - scrubs with pure essential oils are always best
  5. Added Ingredients - typically just salt or sugar, base oil, and scent (essential oils) should be the main ingredients, with very few other products included

Using a foot scrub and lotion on a regular basis helps to keep feet healthy and looking nice, helping you feel healthy and well-groomed. 

Read more about how often you should use foot scrub.

7 Benefits of Regular Foot Scrubs 

  1. Smoother Feet - exfoliation creates softer feeling feet
  2. Softens Calluses - helps to smooth, soften, and ease pain of calluses
  3. Soothes Foot Pain - allowing tired, achy feet to feel relief, relaxing foot muscles
  4. Boosts Circulation - stimulating blood flow 
  5. Relaxes the mind and body - helping to ease tension and stress
  6. Pedicure Prep - helps prepare the foot for polishing and helps brighten foot skin 
  7. Makes feet look amazing - exfoliation of dead skin and moisturiztion makes the feet look refreshed and 

Choosing the best foot scrub for the care of your feet means choosing between sal or sugar scrub, scent or essential oil fragrance, and what base oil is best for your skin.

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