Bath Salt Benefits
6 benefits that will rock your world!

Of the many bath salt benefits, the best would be relaxation of muscles, of the mind, and of the spirit, to help promote rest and face the stresses of daily life and work, and helping us cope.

Making your own bath salts can change your bath time from routine to a spa-like retreat, with simple additions like baking soda, moisturizing ingredients, and essential oils.

There are many types of salts that can be used in bath salt recipes, along with ingredients that help the salts nourish the skin. However, iodized table salt should never be used for bath salts, as it can cause irritation and reactions.

Bath Salt Benefits

1. Stress relief - relaxes the body and mind, from the stress of a crazy world

2. Skin Benefits - moisturizes, improves skin's ability to protect, hydrates, decreases potential for injury

3. Eases muscle pain - from overwork or repetitive use, by relaxing arms, legs, feet, and torso

4. Helps promote deep sleep - improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and decreased problems that are caused by insomnia

5. Helps joint stiffness - by relaxing muscles, tendons and joints tightness

6. Stimulates circulation - improves blood flow to vital organs, tissue, and cells

Types of Bath Salts

The kind of salt you use for your bath salt recipes will impact the final product and how it feels in the bath. Fine grain salt and will dissolve quickly in the tub, while larger grained salt will dissolve slowly or even remain throughout the bath. Some salts, like Himalayan sea salt, will impact the minerals contained in the bath. 

1. Dead Sea Salts - originally mined from the Dead Sea, it is know for it's therapeutic properties, it contains magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, and bromides - chemicals that have healing properties known to help hair and nail growth, and anti-aging properties.

Uses: Bath Salts and Bath Soaks

2. Himalayan Salts - also known as" pink gold", Himalayan salts are mined from the ancient ocean beds deep within the Himalayan Mountains, and contain iron, which gives them their pink color

Uses: Healthy Skin and Detox

3. Epsom Salts - The most popular type of salt for body scrub exfoliation, muscle pains, stress relief, and removing toxins, it contains magnesium, oxygen and sulfur 

Uses: Stress Relief, Muscle Aches and Pains, and Exfoliation

How to Choose Bath Salts

  • Choose natural bath salts - use real sea salt to guarantee your skin will benefit from the nutrients and minerals it contains
  • Choose the best grain size - fine grained salts are best for scrubs as they dissolve easily, while larger grained salts are best for bath salts
  • Choose crystalline bath salts - they are best in bath and do not dry skin out, like rock salt 

Bath Salt Benefits by Skin Type

  • For Dull, Tired Skin -  Peppermint bath salts have menthol, that provides a cooling sensation to help boost circulation on the surface of the skin, improving it's appearance
  • For Oily SkinPatchouli or Lavender bath salts that are sensitive to your skin.
  • For Dry SkinSweet Orange bath salts provide skin hydrated.
  • For Combination Skin - Rose bath salts offer soothing comfort to replenish combination skin with simple goodness for any skin type

Read more about benefits of bath salts at Healthline.

Bath salt benefits include healthy additions to a daily beauty routine and also makes for a relaxing, peaceful way to end a hard work day, by promoting a great night's sleep.

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