Back Massage Tool
(3 Best of 2020)

Learning which back massage tool is most highly recommended is a great first step to ease tension, stress, and back pain at home, without traveling to a spa or clinic. 

The best way to fight stress and pain is to use self-care techniques that have been practiced by many holistic practitioners for years. Stretches, subtle movements, massage techniques and massage tools can help avoid headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and many other muscle ailments.

Best Back Massage Tool

#1 The Massage Gun

The Massage Gun is a highly rated self massage tool for back muscle soreness, stiffness and cramping. It offers deep tissue massage with 20 adjustable speeds, 6 portable heads for various intensities, LED display and a rechargeable and detachable battery.

This is the most popular massage tool for 2020, as well as being the highest rated.

#2 Thorex Back Massager

This deep tissue release tool is great to use at home or at work to alleviate tight muscles in the back and neck. It can be used standing against the wall or in a desk chair.

It helps improve posture, alleviate pain, release knots, reduce muscle spasms, and allow a more productive work day, without the worry of back pain....and without popping pills.

#3 TruMedic Back and Neck Massager with Heat

This is an amazing self massage tool for back and shoulders that does awesome shiatsu pressure for neck, back and any other area of the body, with the added benefit of heat. Instructions are included that teach how to relieve stress held in back, neck and shoulders. 

Self Care Tips for Back Pain

Here are a few tips for taking care of yourself, in addition to self-massage.

1. Listen to your body. If your back begins to ache, learn stretches that keep muscles  loosened. Ice chronic back aches often. Many essential oils help inflammation in the back, neck, and shoulders.

2. Use massage tools to help you work deeper muscles or muscles that are hard to get to. 

3. Use ice packs for muscles that are inflamed or warm to the touch and heating pads for aches 

4. Know how to protect yourself from chronic pain and irreversible damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Learn the warning signs, and when to seek out a medical professional! 

5. Learn how to recognize aches and pains in back muscles, so that you can address them and avoid extreme tightness/pain.

6. Practice good self-care. In addition to massage, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest

7. Learn self massage techniques that are best for the pain you are experiencing

8. Seek medical attention if you start to experience symptoms of numbness or tingling

Medical attention should be sought early, and along with rest, ice and anti-inflammatory meds, you can often avoid serious injury.

Treatment is always easier on your body, less expensive, and will get you working again sooner if you seek it early. Some common disorders require long periods of recovery, sometimes even surgery, if they are allowed to worsen.

Symptoms of back pain that require attention:

  • Intense pain, even after self massage
  • Pain that lasts more than five days in a row
  • Clumsiness or weakness
  • Numbness, burning, tingling
  • Pain that radiates down the arm

Take at least 10 minute breaks at work. Take walks, take deep breaths, and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Try to stay on a routine schedule during the work day and stick to it as much as possible.

A back massage tool for pain in back, neck, and shoulders is used to obtain a life-long healthy body, and using the best of these tools is critical.

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