Arnica Oil Benefits
3 unique benefits of this healing oil

One of the best Arnica oil benefits is it's ability to ease the pain of inflamed, injured muscles  due to sprains, swelling, trauma, or bruising.

One of the best massage oils for any home spa recipe, arnica (botanical name: Arnica montana) has anti-inflammatory properties, making it perfect for sports massage (and sport injuries) because it helps to relax overworked muscles, but also reduces inflammation.

Arnica oil is made from the arnica plant found in the central and northern regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

It is an herb with a rich history of use in Russian and Swiss Alps natural medicine.

The arnica plant often grows 1-2 feet, and looks like a daisy with it's yellow/orange color and round green leaves. It's fresh or dried flower heads are used to make an infused oil that can be used as a carrier oil in massage therapy.

3 Arnica Oil Benefits

1. Reduces Bruising Severity - Today, many plastic surgeons recommend that their patients use arnica creams to reduce post-surgical bruising.

2. Helps Heal Injury - Arnica oils and creams are known to be herbal medicines, with dramatic results if used immediately after an injury, as this oil helps to speed the healing process by moving waste-filled fluids out of the body, and moving cleansing fluids into the affected area.

3. Reduces Inflammation - perfect for overused, overworked muscles

You can make an infused massage oil recipe with one part dried Arnica flowers and five parts oil. Oils can be olive, grapeseed, coconut, almond, or sesame.

The dried flowers should be placed in a glass jar and covered with a carrier oil. It is very important that the flowers remain covered with the oil, and that the jar or bottle is sealed tightly. 

Let it stand for about six weeks. You can then strain your oil and use as needed.

Usually, it is sold as Arnica Massage Oil, which is pre-diluted, so no additional diluting would be necessary.


  • Many aromatherapists caution against using Arnica oil on pregnant women and those who have open wounds.
  • Arnica essential oil is very toxic and should not be used in aromatherapy, but you can use an infused oil, or a hydrolate, which is safe.

One of the best Arnica oil benefits for using as spa massage oil is that it contains arnica, which has a unique ability to reduce inflammation and bruising, which is why it is so popular in the massage therapy profession.

Weleda Arnica Massage Oil is highly rated for use on injured muscles. It is one of the best massage oils for injuries such as torn hamstrings, back sprain, or sciatica. But, the best part of using arnica oil is it's natural, healing properties, making it perfect for deeply relaxing massage! 

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The healing arnica oil benefits will be felt by all who use it...and they will thank you.

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