After many trials

by Robin Wiggs
(Arvada, Colorado)

I have tried most of the creams out there and I have to say it brought much confusion along the way. Finally it came down to a cream that was affordable but still had alot of workability and my clients liked the feeling on their skin. I have tried Biotone (most of them) and also Bon Vital as well as Soothing Touch (also the oils which I love but too expensive)....for several years my favorite has been Soma Silk. It's fabulous. Nice and thick, doesn't get watery before you can work it. It needs one of the jar pump bottles but works fine in there. My clients love it on their skin. Moisturizing but not greasy and I love the workability. If I want a little more workability I like FX....I think it might be the original (blue label)...has nice workability but a little better for deep tissue work. Unlike the Soma Silk, the FX requires a little more application if you're doing swedish as it has more 'grip'. The only issue with both of these is that they aren't pba free. I'm hoping for that in the future for both of these. I keep a bottle of Bon Vital Naturale on hand for my clients that request pba free. It's lighter than either of the two I mentioned but still workable and feels good on the skin. Once I'm into the massage for a minute or two I adjust to the difference. There you go, 3 possibilities...the Soma Silk and FX are very affordable..the Natural (I buy it in a smaller container, not the gallon like the others) is not as affordable but keeping it on hand gives my clients a choice. I also keep a small bottle of scented oil on hand (Soothing Touch) and use just a tiny bit at the beginning if my clients request a scent. That way, they get the aromatherapy affect but don't go out smelling like a potpourri.

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