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Affiliate Disclaimer for and Massage Education Guide. I am excited to be able to provide you with free massage education information and resources for all of your professional massage therapy needs.

However, in order to provide this free service, please be aware that whenever you click on one of the links found throughout all of my web-pages, and purchase any products and/or services on these pages, I will receive a referral commission for any products and/or services that you choose to purchase. This is just how the web works in our e-commerce, 21st century world.

Please know that any commission that I receive has no influence on the content and information that I provide on this website. I will always give you truthful and honest opinions. I will always study my topics and provide as much proven/researched information that I can find.

By clicking on the links to purchase items found on this website, you agree to support my honest efforts and commitment to continue to provide reliable and current information regarding massage education.

I have consulted with experts in many of the topics and techniques discussed on the site and many of them have actually consulted with me on the articles in their area of expertise.

The videos offered are videos by well-known therapists and educators that have proven their knowledge and expertise. They are all highly rated and are offered at reasonable prices. 

Essential oils are offered, along with information on how to safely use the oils. Each oil has a page which details it's benefits, uses, cautions, how and where the oil is made. Only high quality oils are recommended, and consumers are encouraged to use the oils responsibly, as many are very potent and can cause skin irritations if used incorrectly.

The massage stones offered on this website are of the highest quality basalt and marble available for massage therapists. Most have been hand-picked by the distributor and offered at the lowest cost possible, as they are shipped directly from the company that harvests the stones.

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Thank you for reading our affiliate disclaimer and please continue to browse other pages of this website. 

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